Biggest Mistakes When Buying Office Furniture

Ethospace Cubicle DesignWhether you’re moving intoa new space or redesigning your current workplace, buying new office furniture is a big deal.  Many don’t realize the process and investment involved in furnishing an entire space.   This isn’t bad news though! It’s an exciting new chance to create an office you love and take advantage of all the new ergonomics and modern features out there.  Plus, we are here to help.  Here’s how to avoid the biggest mistakes when buying office furniture:

Not Working with the Experts

Like previously mentioned, this can be a big investment for your company, and like any other big investment in your life, you should be working with experts who know what they’re doing.  You wouldn’t purchase a house or a car without the right help, would you?  So don’t make that mistake with your furniture!  It’s an understatement to say there are a lot of options out there, so it’s not only a good idea to have help, but the right help.  Find an experienced company with all the capabilities you need.  Design services, project management, storage, etc. are all additional components to the process that you may need along the way.  We all love one-stop shopping, so look for companies who can offer it all.  Check out how EthoSource can help you with your office furniture purchase, as well as all of these important furniture management services.

Not Measuring Your Space

Looking for a great way to add tons of unnecessary expenses, time and hassle to your office furniture investment?  Don’t measure anything.  But in all seriousness, go get that tape-measurer.  Knowing your space is an important step in finding the right product and fitting it correctly into your layout.  The last thing you need is costly errors in sizes due to the amount of space you have available or forgotten electrical outlets, doors, columns, etc.  The best approach is to provide your designer on the job with a floorplan that has all the necessary measurements included, so that they can work their professional magic and make sure you don’t encounter any unwanted surprises.

Not Considering Refurbished or Pre-Owned

Whether you can’t shake a negative connotation of “used office furniture” or you simply haven’t thought about it, now is the time to take another look.  Exploring your options can mean huge cost savings for your business without sacrificing the brands or styles you really want.  If you find the right company, refurbished chairs and cubicles, refinished desks and storage and many other lightly used products can look like new without costing you new prices.  Check out our inventory to see what we mean.  You can search names like Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth and more at prices that fit your budget.  Don’t overpay for styles you want!

Load OutNot Getting the Space Ready

You’ve picked the right support team and ordered all your furniture, so you’re feeling good! Great! Except, you can’t forget this last mistake of not getting your space ready for your new product.  It’s a great opportunity for a good, thorough cleaning of your space, but more importantly, it ensures a smooth and efficient installation, so you can start enjoying your new furniture as soon as possible. Clear the way for the delivery and install team to get where they need to go and get out in the time frame you want.  A little laziness on your part could mean additional costs and problems that could have been easily avoided.