The Liberty Bell, The Museum of Modern Art, the National Constitution Center… Philadelphia is filled with historic and cultural importance that has made it a popular city to live and visit.

The city is the center of economic activity in Pennsylvania with various businesses and Fortune 500 companies that are in the area.

EthoSource has been a top provider of office furniture to these companies since 2001. 

Office Cubicles PhiladelphiaNow, with a newer location right in the Philadelphia neighborhood, we have been able to provide furniture and services to the city more readily and easily than ever before.  If you’re looking for office cubicles for your Philadelphia business, then we are your one-stop shop for quality, affordability and professionalism.

Despite being a full office furniture provider for new, used and refurbished office furniture, we have specialized in Ethospace cubicle systems since day one.  These cubicles are based on a frame and tile system that allow for easy reconfigurations and simple breakdowns during times of transition.

It also enables us to provide customized solutions to Philadelphia businesses with our expansive tile selection and ability to refurbish the fabrics and finishes of the workstation.  If you have specific needs for white boards, paper management, tack boards or other organizational add-ons or you would want different aesthetic additions such as wood tiles, patterned fabrics, glass tiles or more, we have a 100,00 sq. ft. warehouse full of part and pieces that we can use to build your stations to reflect your work needs.

Often in films or TV, cubicles are perceived as isolating or old fashion.  But in reality, cubicle systems, such as Ethospace, were designed to accommodate the changing workplace and provide a ton of options for every office style and every employee need.  Our King of Prussia store allows our customers to come in and see various cubicle mock-ups created to fit an actual office setting and provide examples of the different possibilities that Ethospace can provide.

Our goal has been to give Philadelphia area businesses the opportunity to see all the options for themselves, so they can determine what exactly their office needs.  Paired with assorted seating options, desk sets, tables and more, its easy to find all the elements you need to create the office you’ve always wanted.

In addition to our store, we have a team of professional designers with experience and expertise on space planning and design of our Ethospace cubicles.  They can create detailed renderings of your office space or make suggestions on color combinations, layout specifics and anything else in which you may need assistance.

Liquidation Office Cubicles PhiladelphiaAlong with our project management team who is well versed and ready to make your project a reality by handling all the logistics and scheduling of your project, so that you don’t have to.  We know what needs to be done and what needs to be considered in the process no matter where you’re located or what your time frame is, so we want to help make the experience as smooth as possible.

Despite providing office furniture services across the country, as well as Canada, Bermuda and more, Philadelphia has always been a large part of our business with as we have built many local partnerships and relationships over the years.  Numerous companies have enjoyed transforming their spaces into beautiful offices with EthoSource product.

One commercial real estate broker spoke very highly of EthoSource after working with us to furnish one of their listings.  “They knew what needed to be done and did it in a very professional manner. EthoSource did everything they said they were going to do, on the date they said they were going to do it. You guys were great with communication. I will not hesitate to recommend EthoSource in the future.”

Another Philadelphia business, Health Advocate, found our design services very helpful as they planned out their new space.  “It was very easy to work with EthoSource. Not having a background in space planning (I am a manager of operations), I don’t normally get involved in construction jobs. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas of how this was going to go and I think that EthoSource helped me get the project done. It wasn’t that I had to help them understand what we were doing. I would definitely recommend EthoSource to anyone looking for office furniture solutions.”

If you want affordable office furniture from all the top brands and styles, we can help turn your space into a high-end, professional office environment. 

We want to help you impress customers and guests with the best names in office furniture without breaking your budget.  For more information on our office cubicles in Philadelphia, check out our King of Prussia store and showroom.

Or send us an inquiry on anything you see on our website.