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The Herman Miller Aeron vs. The Steelcase Leap Chair

Aeron vs Leap

Two of the most popular ergonomic task chairs in the industry are the Herman Miller Aeron and the Steelcase Leap chair. Each chair is equipped with the full gambit of ergonomic features and functions to create the best chair for your body. But which chair reigns supreme as the best task chair available? Let’s dive a little deeper and break down each chair’s features before we make our decision.

Herman Miller Aeron
The Herman Miller Aeron may be one of the most well known office chairs there is. It is featured in almost every TV show, commercial or movie where a task chair is in the frame. Its sleek, modern looks create a high-end look that blends perfectly in nearly any office environment’s design. The Aeron is equipped with a wide array of functions such as; Kinemat tilt (adjusts with the user’s back and seat movements), Tilt-tension, tilt-limiter and forward angle, adjustable lumbar support, fully adjustable arms and pneumatic height adjustment. The mesh-like material on the back and seat of the Aeron is designed to conform to the user’s body alleviating pressure points, while allowing natural airflow through the chair. The Aeron is also available in several sizes, A, B, or C to fit up to the 99th percentile of size and body shapes.

Steelcase Leap
The Steelcase Leap chair is also in the top tier of ergonomic task chairs, known for its range of functions that are nearly unparalleled. The Leap is equipped with the following adjustments; adjustable lumbar, responsive LiveBack technology (padded back that flexes as the user moves), seat depth adjustment, upper back force adjustment (controls the amount of resistance felt when reclining), lower back firmness adjustment, seat glide (seat adjusts as the back reclines maintaining proper posture), and adjustable arms. The back and seat of the Leap are composed of a fabric that is said to act like a mesh chair and allow proper airflow to your body.

The Showdown
Each chair, from a sitting health standpoint, is nearly equal in their ergonomic features. They both offer superior support for the user’s body and it’s blaringly apparent they were crafted with the user’s health in mind. From a design standpoint the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The Aeron is highly regarded for its sleek, minimalist design. The Leap offers a little more design flexibility, as the user can choose from a wide array of fabric colors as well as arm and base colors. In the end I find it hard to give the nod to just one chair. I have had the opportunity to sit in both chairs and in my personal opinion I choose the Steelcase Leap chair by a hair. I score it ever so slightly above the Aeron merely because I find it a bit more comfortable with the padded seat and back and I like the design a tad bit more. With that being said I know a ton of people would disagree, what are your reasons?