Sustainable Business Chooses Green Office

KPIT ‘s business model is simple: to create a cleaner, greener and more intelligent world.  They’re accomplishing this through providing high-quality, less-costly technologies that help businesses succeed while using less materials and energy.  With these aspirations in the forefront of their daily work, it makes sense that this company would come to Ethosource to refurnish their office space with high-end, recycled office furniture.  The end result: an awesome open office layout with a unique company flare!

KPIT has specific instructions to match the look and feel of their headquarters located overseas.  The challenge for Ethosource was to customize the recycled workstations with brand new fabrics and finishes that match the company’s international design preferences without sacrificing the quality they’d expect from new product.  Piece of cake.  The catch?  It all needed to be installed in one day.

The first part of the challenge is just part of our daily responsibilities here at Ethosource.   KPIT’s personal Ethosource designer worked with the customer to learn exactly what look they were going for, as well as what functional aspects of the workstations they needed for each employee.  The sales rep and project manager on the project managed what product needed to be pulled from our 100,000 square foot warehouse of Herman Miller Ethospace parts to custom build the workstations with low-height walls, glass tiles, white board tiles and bright green fabric tiles.

Check out below to see the design style our designers had to match from their overseas, corporate headquarters:

The one-day installation was also nothing new for the Ethosource team.  We worked with a local installation company to get the furniture delivered and installed within 24 hours, so that employees could return to work as quickly as possible.  From quick install deadlines to tricky building structural challenges, we’ve experienced a lot of different situations where we made sure to do everything possible to get the project done when the client required.  At KPIT, we installed all the chairs and stations within the necessary time frame without any alterations or additions necessary upon completion.

The project overall involved 19 refurbished Ethospace workstations and 19 grey Ethosource Pixel chairs.  Each station also included a BBF mobile pedestal with a dark blue fabric cushion top.  The design accomplished a modern, open layout with providing employees enough privacy that they could still benefit from a distraction-free workspace.  Ethosource was happy to help KPIT achieve a sustainable, modern and intelligent workplace to fit their employees’ work needs and corporate culture.  Sharing a lot of the same philosophies that focus on high-quality and efficiency, it was a perfect fit for us to outfit their office with products that are just that! Recycled office furniture with some personal new touches saved them money, materials and the impact of their carbon footprint! We hope to have the opportunity to work with KPIT again in the future!

Take a look below for some of our designer’s initial workstation renderings, and how the final project turned out!