Research Facility Models New Office after Google, Apple

used-cubiclesSince 1962, Rockland Immunochemicals has been manufacturing leading edge tools for research in functional genomics, gene therapy and drug discovery markets.  For a simpler translation: they produce the necessary tools to define mechanisms that make up cell function and disease.  It’s no wonder that a company with such complexity in their core business requires a specific work environment to match their daily needs.  So when Rockland recognized an increased demand for its products and services, they began to plan for a new 60,000 square foot facility in Limerick, PA that would incorporate laboratories, offices, lounge areas and even space reserved for future growth.

In addition to tripling their lab space, the goal for the new tech-based office environment was to based off of the layouts of Google and Apple offices.  To Rockland, this meant an open, fun and inviting space that promoted collaboration and innovation, but also retained their personal space as well.  EthoSource was able to design the workstations they wanted with significant cost savings, so they could better allot their investments toward other aspects of their new facility and growth. EthoSource provided Rockland with an office full of used Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles, all refurbished in the company’s chosen  colors of grey and red for a unique, tetris-like look that brightened up the space and accented their company colors.  All of the stations were designed through our professional design team that worked closely with Rockland employees to guide them through the various possibilities available to create each individual station.  Rockland employees were actively involved in the process of selecting colors, layout, accessories and even carpet.  The EthoSource team then took their ideas and built the stations to match their individual needs, incorporating impromptu meeting areas, private work surfaces, glass tiles for visuals throughout the office and other customized features.  In the end, employees revealed that it wasn’t until speaking with our marketing department that they had any idea their workstations weren’t new! Oops!

Rockland met with us after the completion of their project to share their process of selecting pre-owned office furniture, the best part of their new workstations and their overall experience working with EthoSource.  Click the image to check out the video testimonial:


(Apologies for the loud background noise.  Rockland lab employees were busy at work during filming!)