Caught between the poor quality of inexpensive task chairs and the high price tag of popular brand names?  EthoSource’s Refurbished Chair Program is the solution you’re looking for.  Get high end seating in brand new fabrics and like-new condition.  You can have you cake and eat it too!

Why Buy Refurbished?

  • Top Tier Seating Without the Top Tier Price: Get all the engineering, research and design of an A-grade task chair at half the price of a new chair.
  • Return on Investment: Buying a top tier, brand name refurbished chair will result in a longer chair life and a better return on your dollar.
  • Healthy, Happy Sitting:  Studies have repeatedly shown that task chairs that are more comfortable and ergonomically correct lead to better productivity and fewer work related injuries.
  • Sustainable: Refurbishing a top quality chair is a great way to get the comfort and support you need while making the environment-friendly decision to recycle.
  • Quick Availability:  No long lead times… Our refurbished program gets you the chairs you need and the quality you need in the timeframe you need.

The EthoSource Refurbishing Process

  • Brand New Fabric:  The old fabric is removed and replaced with brand new fabric in a color of your choice.
  • New Arm Pads:  If needed, old arm pads are removed and replaced with brand new arm pads in the correct finish.
  • Moving Parts Check: All mechanisms, levers and moving parts are checked and tested to make sure they are in perfect working condition.
  • Cleaning:  Fabric, base, arms and back are thoroughly cleaned to make certain your chair is ready for your office upon arrival.