The modern office has led to some unique layouts and new developments in furniture to help accommodate the changing work styles.  There are a ton of unique options for high-end desks and tables that provide various work surfaces that adjust to the differing needs of users.  Ethosource knows that your office responsibilities require certain furniture that help you be productive throughout the workday. We also know that every company or individual has a different budget to work with, so we aim to give our customers the best quality and price for their furniture.  If you’re looking for office desks in Allentown, PA, Ethosource is your one-stop shop for everything your office needs.

used-office-desksWith three company locations, all located within 2 hours of Allentown, we have close relationships with many of the Allentown area businesses, many of which have been customers in the past. This also gives us the ability to smoothly deliver and install all of our furniture due to trusted partnerships with area movers and installers.  We have the experience to ensure a hassle-free transition for your business during a move, upgrade, downsize or redesign.

If you’re just interested in purchasing furniture for your home office, we have our very own Ethosource delivery truck that will make sure your desk, chair, filing cabinet or whatever else is delivered to you in a timely and efficient manner.  These buyers are encouraged to come out to our Wyomissing Showroom, just 40 minutes from Allentown, where they can browse our huge selection of desks, cubicles, chairs, tables, filing accessories and more.  With 50,000 square feet of product, it’s like walking into a giant office candy store with endless options for all types of high-end office furniture. And the best part about our huge selection?  The prices!

Ethosource specializes in pre-owned, refreshed and refurbished office furniture, which is why we are able to offer our customers some of the lowest prices you can find for top names such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth and more.

We acquire our inventory from our nationally leading liquidation services, which help customers get rid of or move their existing office furniture from their offices to make room for new product. As experts, we handle everything with extreme care and ensure that only the highest quality product gets back to our warehouse safely for the opportunity to be resold.  Even then, the product still must go through a full “refreshing process.”   For our desks, this means a thorough cleaning, as well as additional touch ups wherever necessary.   We may also refinish the surface if we see fit, to ensure a certain standard is met for all of our products.

office-desks-AllentownThere are a number of options in terms of office desks that we can provide customers, including customized desks that we actually build.  This is possible by using our refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace, which is a flexible frame and tile cubicle system that happens to be our specialty.  And when we say that, we mean we have a 100,000 square foot warehouse filled with Ethospace parts, a professional design team and full warehouse team to handle all the recovering, refinishing and more of the stations.  They are obviously a very high-end workstation option, but they also have the flexibility to be built in a private office setting or create a freestanding private office with walls, windows and even doors. Choose your fabrics and finishes, in addition to the shape and layout of your surface.

Choose between names like Gunlocke, Geiger, Lacasse Group, Cherryman, Haworth and many more.  We have a number of beautiful wood and laminate desks, as well as metal and glass.  Find what you need for your reception area, conference rooms, private offices and communal working areas, all at the same place, while enjoying multiple price points that will help fit your budget.  No matter what type or size company you have, we have the right desks for you!  Even if you are unable to find what you’re looking for in our inventory, we have access to all new products as well through close relationships with various new manufacturers in the industry.  Customize your order with a creative blend of new and pre-owned products that help you get exactly what your office needs!  Check out our inventory for a better idea of the office desks your Allentown office could use to get a great looking office for a great price!

Visit our Showroom:

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