Where to Buy New Office Furniture in Philadelphia

Welcoming all businesses in Philadelphia and beyond, Ethosource wants to be the place you consistently return to buy new or refurbished office furniture.

Where to Buy New Office Furniture in PhiladelphiaAs you shop for office furniture, the best approach is to take an objective look at where you should invest in new pieces versus where your money is better spent on refurbishing your existing furnishings or buying new-to-you refurbished systems. For most companies, regardless of size, the best plan includes a combination of both new and refurbished furnishings. Allow our team to supply both the furniture and assistance determining which pieces will best fit your aesthetic and functional needs.

If you’re facing a move to a new location, an expanding workforce, or dealing with aging furnishings, call on the team at Ethosource for all of your furnishing needs. We offer a turnkey service that covers all of the services related to office furnishings, and companies can avail themselves of as much or as little assistance as they require.

Rely on Ethosource for the planning and design for your space, project management, decommissions of older office furniture, reconfigurations of furniture systems when needs change, move management and relocation, delivery and installation, service and parts for repair, sustainable solutions, and furniture maintenance. Our expert team will be happy to take care of your office furniture needs, from concept to installation, maintenance, and replacement, allowing you and your staff to remain focused on your own expertise. These services are equally customizable, pick and choose which you require.

Pros to Purchasing New Office Furniture

  • Updates to an extremely dated office design – invest in modern, well-built pieces to last for years to come
  • Easier installation and reconfiguration – invest in systems that cater to the modern workplace
  • Tech-friendly features – conceal cords, facilitate networking, charge easily
  • Set a tone that is focused on progress, growth, and the future
  • Ergonomic features – invest in the comfort of employees
  • Warranty protection
  • Tax deductions

Pros to Purchasing Refurbished Office Furniture

  • Affordability – refurbished furniture cost less than new furniture pieces
  • Eco-friendliness – less waste in landfills
  • Fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) – these respiratory system damaging compounds are more prevalent in newer furniture, decreasing as the furniture ages
  • LEED Points (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Refurbished by Ethosource to a like-new, custom appearance

The team at Ethosource offers a plethora of brands of new furniture within our inventory as well as plenty of refurbished and pre-owned products. We offer ideal pieces for various business environments ranging from the hospitality industry to the medical, legal, educational, and other sectors.

The product inventory we carry and provide for businesses includes all pieces needed for safe reopening of workplaces, workstations, benching, seating, private office furnishings, sit-to-stand desk systems, screens, tables, storage pieces, reception furniture pieces, outdoor furniture, architectural walls, accessories, power and electric options, Ethospace compatible parts, fabrics and finishes for customized refurbishing, and a wide manufacturer list of furniture.

We invite you to browse our inventory in-person at one of our retail showroom locations. You’ll find an Ethosource showroom in King of Prussia and Reading, PA, where we house an ever-rotating inventory of furniture pieces.

If you’re wondering where to buy new office furniture in Philadelphia, look no further than Ethosource. We strive to provide each client with the most appropriate furniture and related services. Learn more today by calling (610) 982-1955 or by clicking here.