Where to Buy New Office Furniture in Harrisburg, PA

Choosing Ethosource as where your Harrisburg, PA business goes to buy new office furniture is a smart business move. Our client-driven approach offers a full catalog of new and refurbished products in all categories as well as full-service options.

Where to Buy New Office Furniture in Harrisburg, PAEthosource is more than a furniture store. While we do have two retail showrooms, one in King of Prussia and the other in Reading, PA, we offer so much more. We provide a fully supportive and collaborative experience for our clients. Rely on us to cover your furnishing needs from design to space planning, delivery, installation, maintenance, project management, relocation, reconfiguration, and decommissions.

Whether you begin at one of our showroom locations or by viewing our online catalog, we’ll be able to guide you throughout the process. The experience and expertise of our staff will allow you to create and enjoy a foolproof furniture experience.

Allow us to help you know when the time has come to invest in new furniture and which type of furniture you should choose.

The furniture for your working space should fulfill all of these requirements:

  • Facilitate efficient work processes
  • Provide safe and comfortable use for employees
  • Promote collaboration among staff
  • Keep pace with current technological advancements

Food for Thought in Consideration of Office Furniture Purchases

Basic Needs of Your Business

The starting point for your office furniture shopping is to brainstorm the needs of your business. What are the essential steps to accomplish daily tasks? Make this list as detailed as you can, including all elements, even those that you consider obvious.

Once you recognize the basic needs of your business, consider getting some input from employees. Steps you can take to provide employees with a satisfying work environment can help increase recruitment and decrease the turnover rate. Consider the benefits of an employee survey with questions specifically related to workplace furnishings.

The Right Desk Matters…

Office furniture is a diverse category, with plenty of choices, so it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Consider the importance of desks as you furnish the office space for your staff. Some positions require substantial size while others work better with a more limited area.

Technology is key to any modern workplace, so desks that conceal cords, provide charging, or even hold a recessed monitor can be ideal for your office.

Workstation desks should also provide storage and an easily maintained surface for the tests of everyday work.

Paired with the Right Chair

The perfect desk requires the perfect chair. A productive day begins and ends with an ergonomic seating system that will prevent your employees from being overcome by pain and discomfort.

Defining the Layout Is Essential

Knowing the square footage of your room plus the number of workstations and spaces you need will allow you to plan the layout for your office. This step requires attention to detail regarding the placement of workstations, room for movement, and the flow of processes throughout the day. Further, the space needs a unified aesthetic that makes sense visually and functionally.

Select new office furniture that will advance the work done by your business in Harrisburg, PA, and Ethosource is where you should buy your products and secure your services. To schedule services or order products, reach out with a call to (888) 807-3846 or follow this link to contact us online.