Waiting Room Seating

Seating options for designing a waiting room space vary broadly. Ethosource provides affordable and unique seating pieces to welcome visitors to your offices appropriately. 

Waiting Room SeatingEthosource headquarters are in Morgantown, PA, and we host two different retail spaces. One of our showrooms is in Reading, and the other is in King of Prussia, PA. Since our founding in 2001, we have established a footprint throughout the US and Canada, providing outstanding new, pre-owned, and refurbished furnishings along with comprehensive furniture-related services that meet the needs of all types of work environments.

Reception Seating Choices

The seating furniture used in reception areas come in many forms. A few of these options include:

  • Club chairs – padded seating for long periods of waiting
  • Bariatric chairs – seating with a weight limit greater than 250 pounds
  • Guest chairs – standardly sized chairs with or without armrests
  • Benches – seating for more than one person, without the padding of love seats and sofas
  • Love seats – padded, scaled-down version of commercial sofa
  • Sofas – padded, commercial-grade couches for a cozier environment
  • Ottomans – versatilely useful as single seater, table, or footrest
  • Tandem seating – guest chairs connected, with shared legs or arms
  • Beam seating – guest chairs connected with a beam along the back

The seating within reception spaces may include unique features like tablet arms, motion backs, armless chairs, eco-friendliness, stacking, nesting, or mobility. The appropriateness of these features depend entirely on the uses of the waiting room, and our team will be able to walk you through these options.

Seating upholstery is yet another customizable feature of waiting room furnishings. Fabric upholstery can come in your choice of color and design, and it creates a welcoming, homelike impression, but it’s not as easily cleaned as other options, absorbing liquids and germs readily.

Leather upholstery may be top-grain or full-grain. Top-grain is thinner and treated to erase any rough areas while full-grain leather allows these imperfections to show.

For a leather aesthetic with a lower price point, consider vinyl or faux leather upholstery. 

The actual design of the seat portion of a seating piece can be custom chosen as well. Seating may have a seat made of coils, fabricated foam, molded foam, or memory foam, with each option growing in comfort and price.

  • Pocketed coil systems include several coils for weight distribution bookended by a top and bottom layer of foam.
  • Fabricated foam comes in various thicknesses, with firmness rising in direct proportion to density. 
  • Molded foam begins as a liquid, which is poured into a mold. Seats formed this way provide greater support and comfort for longer periods of time.
  • Memory foam is uniquely designed to adjust to the shape of the person seated. 

Ethosource provides the seating, tables, and accent pieces needed to perfect the waiting room of any office. Our team will supply you with plenty of design and layout assistance as well as any other service related to your office furnishings.

Waiting room seating needs to be impressive without being destructive to the budget. The multiple options in terms of design, style, and price make it possible for all offices to equip reception areas appropriately. If you’d like to avail yourself of our new, used, and refurbished pieces, contact us online, call (610) 982-1955, or visit an Ethosource showroom in King of Prussia or Reading, PA.