Determining how best to utilize used Herman Miller high wall Ethospace cubicles in your office environment is not difficult. You can learn a good deal from EthoSource about how they can benefit your workspace.

High Walled Cubicle Benefits

Used Herman Miller High Wall EthospaceCreating a perfect workspace where people are efficient and friendly can be quite a challenge. High walled cubicles are a great way to boost productivity and instill a more enjoyable work environment. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing used high wall Ethospace cubicles:

  • Privacy. High walled cubicles give employees the privacy they crave instead of giving their colleagues access to every little thing they do. This is a significant benefit of choosing a high walled cubicle design. Focus is heightened, and you reap the benefits of greater productivity from your employees.
  • Money saving. People work better when they have privacy, and there are plenty of studies to prove it. The reality is, however, that most businesses can’t afford to offer all employees their own private offices. High walled cubicles can give the impression of individual offices, especially if you opt for the floor-to-ceiling variety.
  • Noise reducing. One of the biggest problems with cubicles is the noise pollution. People are easily distracted by what their coworkers are doing. High wall cubicles can help block the noise from typing, tapping, and phone conversations.
  • Personal space. Your employees will appreciate the ability to decorate their own spaces in ways that are representative of their personalities and interests. High walled cubicles provide ample space for decoration and security of personal belongings.
  • Aesthetics. Regular cubicles are everywhere, but cubicles with high walls can boost your office’s aesthetic appeal. They even come in glass walled options that offer a more modern appearance than the traditional wall style. These cubicles will create a positive environment for your employees and your clients, all while giving your office a high-class look.

Why Choose EthoSource

Now that you understand the benefits of utilizing used Herman Miller high wall Ethospace cubicles, you are probably wondering why you should choose EthoSource as the best Ethospace resource. Let us explain the benefits.

We provide businesses a better way to create their perfect office environments. We fully support our clients throughout the entire design process, including space planning, project management, and installation services. This way you can remain focused on your business while we help you through the process.

EthoSource enables all sized companies to achieve their greatest potential while staying within their budgets. And, we are home to a 100,000 square foot warehouse that is full of used Herman Miller Ethospace parts. We can help you customize these systems with your choice of finishes and fabrics. We have the ability and resources to help you create a unique environment that accommodates your employee’s needs while fitting within your space.

Used Herman Miller high wall Ethospace cubicles are readily available to you at one of EthoSource’s two retail stores and showrooms. Visit us in King of Prussia and Reading, PA to explore all used furniture options. Give us a call at (888) 807-3846 for more information.