Used Herman Miller Ethospace furniture can provide your business with a multitude of benefits. Having been introduced in the early 80s, the Ethospace design from Herman Miller seems to remain timeless.

Herman Miller Ethospace furniture is a focal point for EthoSource in Morgantown, PA. We specialize in recycling pe-owned Ethospace furniture and can change fabrics and finishes to suit your needs.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients can create high-quality and inspiring office environments at budget-friendly prices.

Why Choose Ethospace?

Used Herman Miller EthospaceEthospace is a system that was first introduced in 1984 by manufacturer Herman Miller. It is a unique frame-and-tile system that many consider one of the finest office furniture systems ever to be developed. When you are looking for flexibility and comfort, it is an excellent choice for your organization.

Here are some of the key benefits to choosing used Ethospace for your office:

  • Flexibility and comfort. There are a wide variety of materials, tiles, and parts available for used Ethospace systems. This means you will enjoy numerous design options and can opt for something traditional or a little more contemporary, thereby attaining almost any vision you have for your office.
  • Convenient designs. Buying used Ethospace cubicles and workstations gives you nearly unlimited design capabilities. We can install tiles in an array of fabrics and laminates to suit your design requirements, incorporate glass tiles to allow for natural lighting, refinish or replace old tiles, and opt for a variety of functional storage amenities, including overhead and under-surface storage.
  • Environmentally friendly. If you are hoping to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, our refurbished Ethospace furniture is the system for you. The entire product line is made out of recycled material, and more than 75% of it can be recycled at the end of the product’s life.
  • High resale value. Buying high-quality used Ethospace furniture is a far better investment than buying inexpensive new furniture. The inexpensive furniture will lose much of its value as soon as it’s delivered to you. The refurbished high-end furniture will not only be extremely affordable, but you can often resell it later for as much as 75% of the price you paid for it.

If your desire is to maintain a professional appeal while simultaneously providing your employees with a comfortable workstation, used Herman Miller Ethospace furniture from EthoSource is definitely the way to go. These systems are an excellent way to move toward a more sustainable future and invest in your business.

When you consider used Herman Miller Ethospace systems from EthoSource, you will also gain access to a host of other services. We offer our clients professional space and design planning, expert project management, and the ability to customize the cubicles and workstations to your specifications. To see what we have available, please visit one of our showrooms located in King of Prussia, PA or Reading, PA. Or give us a call at (888) 807-3846 to have your questions answered by our professional staff.