Used Herman Miller chairs are not as difficult to find as you may think. In fact, at EthoSource, you can find a wide range of new, pre-owned, and reconditioned office furniture from a variety of high-quality producers.

EthoSource provides businesses of all sizes a better way to create perfect office environments. Our eco-friendly solutions are based around our specialty of recycling Herman Miller Ethospace furniture. We refurbish these popular tile and frame cubicle systems with your choice of finishes and fabrics. All of the parts and components needed can be supplied via our 100,000 square foot warehouse at EthoSource Corporate Headquarters in Morgantown, PA.

Used Herman Miller ChairsWe provide turnkey services to all our clients. These services include space and design planning, complete customization that meets your specifications, as well as expert project management. And, we don’t stop working with you once your furniture has been installed. We retain our partnership with you so that we can assist whenever you decide to reconfigure, repair, update, clean, or move your office furniture.

Choosing the Right Chair

Herman Miller has manufactured a variety of amazing office chairs. But not all chairs are created equal. Here are our tips on what to look for when choosing a used Herman Miller office chair:

Lumbar support. Your lower back will bear the brunt of sitting at your desk for long periods. Be sure that the office chairs you choose support the lower back via an adjustable lumbar support. This will allow employees to position the chair in a way that offers them the most comfort and prevents back strain.

Adjustability. While nearly every chair you look at will offer height and arm adjustability, there are other functions that are even more important. You want a chair that offers the ability to adjust height and width of the seat back. You also want the angle and tension to be adjustable. Comfortable employees are known to be more productive and will take fewer sick days.

Wheel Base. Keep the flooring in your office in mind. While most office chairs have wheels, some of them are not well suited to carpeted areas, especially if you have medium to high pile carpeting. Look for chairs that have wheels specifically designed for carpet to reduce the force needed to move the chair around and provide better mobility.

Swivel Base. Arm fatigue is the result of a chair’s inability to swivel freely. Your office chairs should move in a way that makes everything on your employees’ desks accessible. Be sure to check out the swivel ability of a chair before you make a purchase.

Fabric. There are many fabric options available when it comes to office chairs. We suggest choosing a breathable fabric that will prevent the chair from becoming too hot after hours of sitting in one place. You also want it to be cushioned well enough to ensure that your employees won’t develop pain from sitting for extended periods of time.

Choosing used Herman Miller chairs is a serious task. Thankfully, you can trust the experts at EthoSource to help you pick the chairs that are best suited for your environment and design needs. Feel free to contact us at (888) 807-3846 for more information.