Used Ethospace workstations might very well be the solution for your business. Your office layout could be dramatically improved and your productivity levels boosted, should you choose to incorporate workstations in your design.

EthoSource, in Morgantown, PA, is devoted to helping clients design the perfect office environment for their employees and their customers. Our services include professional space and design planning, expert project management, and the ability to customize to your specifications. We want you to have an inspiring office environment that will make you proud for years to come.

Workstations are the Key

Used Ethospace WorkstationsIf you want to ensure your company maintains flexibility and a modern environment, workstations are the key. With startups growing quickly, business owners cannot sacrifice productivity and comfort and modular workstations provide an answer. Here are some of the most popular layouts:

  • Curved. If you are looking for something that is both fun and striking in appeal, these workstations break the stereotype of boxed-in employees. Eliminating the sharp corners, bringing your employees closer to their keyboards, and offering them a sense of enclosed privacy, curved workstations just make sense.
  • Sit-to-stand. Health problems have been attributed to people who have to sit for long times at a stationary desk. Unfortunately, many businesses only give their sit-to-stand desks to executives. If you want to ensure that your staff is energized and focused, this is a healthy way to configure your office layout.
  • Collaborative. If you have colleagues who need to regularly collaborate on projects and tasks, workstations are a great solution. No one will have to hover over anyone else’s cubicle. And, when you want to get new employees actively engaged with their peers, this is a great way to implement a mentoring system.
  • Minimalist. Given the drive toward so many work-from-home office solutions, minimalist workstations help those who spend reduced amounts of time at an office desk. Combining these with locking cabinets and filing systems is ideal. Plus, these minimalist workstations can increase communication and make your office seem a good deal larger.
  • Larger work surface. You might be surprised to know that there have been studies to prove that messy desks foster creativity. By giving your employees a little extra desk space, you are offering them the ability to explore and become more creative problem solvers. They are also great for those impromptu meetings and can even serve as collaborative spaces as needed.

Regardless of which type of workstation you opt for, we suggest that you choose a system that can be readily modified and configured into a variety of designs. Used and refurbished Ethospace cubicles and workstations are an excellent choice.

Keep your employee’s individual needs in mind as well. Consider ergonomic accessories, systems, and chairs that will suit a host of body shapes and sizes. Comfortable employees are generally more productive and healthier employees.

You will find a wide selection of used Ethospace workstations at EthoSource. Visit our showrooms in King of Prussia and Reading, PA to explore the options available to you. And, if you have any questions give us a call at (888) 807-3846. Allow us to redefine your expectations about the advantages of buying used and refurbished office furniture!