Perhaps you have had it with the open-office designs that are popular today. If so, you might want to consider used Ethospace cubicles as an alternative option when you start to redecorate your offices.

EthoSource, based out of Morgantown, PA, offers our clients an affordable way to create unique office environments. Our eco-friendly furniture solutions are based around our specialty of recycling Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles. We refurbish these popular frame and tile systems and can customize them with your choice of finishes and fabrics.

Used Ethospace CubiclesThough some might think that the days of cubicles have long passed, we are seeing a return to this classic office design. In fact, some studies suggest that workers in open-plan offices tend to be less productive, unhappier, and even unhealthier than people who work in cubicles where they can enjoy their own personal spaces.

Office furniture is expensive. As you get ready to furnish a new space or replace old, ineffective furniture, consider saving money in the process by purchasing top-quality refurbished Ethospace cubicles from EthoSource.

We transform the pre-owned cubicles with new fabrics, new finishes, and new accent tiles, and can arrange them in new layouts and configurations to meet your needs. Our services include space planning and installation of your cubicles and other office furniture.

Why Choose Cubicles?

Many business owners and employees have grown tired of the nonstop distractions of open-office designs. This has led us to better understand how to help you embrace the cubicle in your office layout. What we have learned can be summed up this way:

Productivity Issues. Open-office designs provide employees with very few spaces to find peace and quiet to think about the projects they are working on. The constant noise from ringing phones, machines, and conversation can be a serious impediment to high-quality work and overall productivity. No one wants to hear their colleagues’ loud yawns and computer reboots. These annoying distractions can be avoided by implementing a cubicle system.

Sound Absorption. Since noise control is essential to productivity, it’s important to recognize that cubicles are designed to reduce and absorb sound. In fact, many employees report that silence and solitude are the most important contributors to their success in meeting daily work requirements. Ask us about refurbished Ethospace acoustic or high-acoustic cubicle panels that absorb sound.

Latest Technology. You can purchase cubicles with panels that seamlessly address power and data management. This allows your staff to plug in and situate their computers and other resources in a way that limits the distraction for their colleagues and themselves. 

Cost Effective. The initial argument for eradicating cubicles included the cost margin. However, now that you can buy pre-owned cubicles and workstations in like-new condition at a fraction of the price for new furniture, that does not seem to be a viable argument anymore.

Used Ethospace cubicles should be at the top of your design list if you are seeking to improve employee productivity while sticking to a limited budget. EthoSource used office furniture selections will redefine your expectations. To explore your options, you can contact us at (888) 807-3846 or visit our showrooms in King of Prussia and Reading, PA.