Refurbished Ethospace office furniture is an excellent option for your new or remodeled office. You can save a good deal of money when you choose to utilize refurbished furniture instead of buying it new.

EthoSource, headquartered in Morgantown, PA, provides businesses with pre-owned and refurbished office furniture from high-quality manufacturers. One of our specialties revolves around recycling Herman Miller Ethospace furniture and refurbishing the popular frame and tile cubicle system with our customer’s choice of fabrics and finishes.

Refurbished EthospaceBuying high quality used furniture is a much better investment than buying inexpensive new furniture. High-end furniture is mechanically sound and is built to be very durable. Used Ethospace cubicles, for instance, are manufactured to stand up to decades of use and reconfiguration.

If you are not convinced that investing in pre-owned cubicles and workstations is the most affordable way to fill your office space, here are some additional reasons you should consider refurbished Ethospace office furniture.

There’s Less Wear and Tear

Used office furniture is typically sold “as is.” That means you will have to accept any scratches, dents, stains, or scuffs. You may also have to deal with broken drawers or other issues that are not initially visible.

Refurbished furniture, on the other hand, has been repaired prior to sale. Scratches will have been sanded out and repainted, and wood furniture re-stained. Any broken pieces will have been repaired and dents removed. In addition, refurbished office furniture often comes with a warranty, while used furniture usually does not.

It Can Be Mixed and Matched

Though you may not be able to locate an entire office suite of refurbished furniture that matches, this is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the idea of mix and match décor is a popular trend. Purchasing refurbished furniture enables you to mix and match designs to embrace traditional looks while adding in modern touches. Buy different pieces that are exactly the right size and organize them in a way that makes your office both beautiful and functional. 

Before you begin your search for refurbished furniture, it is essential to know the size of the offices and workspaces you are furnishing. This will better enable you to configure the furniture any way you want.

Go Green

Sustainable office furniture involves protecting and preserving the earth’s resources, and refurbished office furniture is the “platinum” standard. Recycling office furniture requires little or no additional raw materials, only part of the energy, and significantly less labor, which means it’s the perfect fit for any company that is pursuing green initiatives and/or the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification.

Refurbished Ethospace furniture will fit your needs to a tee. The core elements of their construction are sound, and they have been repaired, if necessary, to ensure that they are functioning at their optimum potential. Add to that the affordability of these products, and we are confident that refurbished furniture is the right choice for most businesses.

If you prefer not to spend a fortune on office furniture, allow EthoSource to redefine your expectations with affordable refurbished Ethospace cubicles.  Contact us at (888) 807-3846 to explore your options, or visit our showrooms in Reading or King of Prussia, PA.