Refurbished Ethospace workstations from EthoSource are the perfect solution to your office design needs. Buying this pre-owned furniture can provide you with a host of benefits.

Refurbished Ethospace Workstations

EthoSource, based in Morgantown, PA, specializes in refurbished, used, and new office furniture for discerning business owners. We recycle Herman Miller Ethospace furniture that can be broken down and rebuilt to fit your space and work styles. Fabrics and finishes can also be changed to meet your design specifications – all for substantially less than the cost of brand-new furniture.

So, why is purchasing refurbished workstations a good choice for your business? We’re glad you asked!

Advantages of Refurbished Workstations

In addition to substantial savings, businesses can also improve their employees’ efforts in the workplace. One way is to choose the right office furniture.

Furniture that Fits. Your office furniture choices — desks, chairs, file cabinets, etc. — can take a toll on the health and productivity of your employees. Many of them spend endless hours at their desks, staring at a computer screen and sitting in a chair. Purchasing refurbished workstations that were originally built by one of the nation’s top selling brands will deliver more comfort than most systems you could buy.

Affordable. Buying brand-new workstations is cost-prohibitive for many businesses. Refurbished cubicles are a far more cost-effective option. Although pre-owned, they have been reworked to restore them to a “like new” condition. Aside from significantly lower prices, most clients find it virtually impossible to tell the difference between new and refurbished workstations.

Eco-Friendly. Manufacturing new office furniture takes a lot of raw materials, labor and energy. By purchasing refurbished office furniture, you can help protect and preserve the earth’s resources. EthoSource takes great pride in helping customers pursue green initiatives and achieve LEED certification by taking advantage of our recycled office furniture solutions.

Long-Lasting. The highly regarded Ethospace frame-and-tile high-performance workspace system is anchored by a virtually indestructible steel frame.  Purchasing refurbished Ethospace systems enables you to invest in some of the most durable office furniture in the world without spending a fortune on new products.

Aesthetically Pleasing. Since you can customize the fabric and finish of the workstations you purchase from EthoSource, your business’ aesthetic goals can be accomplished with minimal effort and lower costs. If you are expanding an office suite and need to match furniture you already have without spending a fortune, refurbished Ethospace workstations you buy from us will blend in with Herman Miller products you already own.

Many Options. The workstations you purchase should meet the unique needs of your clients and staff. There are a wide range of configurations and options, including:

  • Collaborative workstations
  • Sit-to-stand workstations
  • U-shaped workstations
  • L-shaped workstations
  • One and two-person workstations

Whether you are remodeling your office space or seeking to furnish your new start-up, refurbished Ethospace workstations are a great option when you are looking to save money but want high quality. You can visit our EthoSource showrooms in Reading and King of Prussia, PA to explore your options. Or, you can contact us at (888) 807-3846 to have all your questions answered.