Maybe you are wondering about the pros and cons of buying a refurbished Ethospace workstation system for your office. Refurbished furniture can be a terrific option for the price-savvy business owner. But there are potential issues you should be aware of as well.

Based out of Morgantown, PA, EthoSource provides business owners with refurbished and used furniture systems. We specialize in recycling Herman Miller Ethospace furniture and can adapt fabrics and finishes to suit your needs.

Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks to buying refurbished furniture. At EthoSource, we want you to be completely informed before you purchase our refurbished systems and furniture.


Refurbished Ethospace SystemYou may already understand some of the benefits of buying refurbished furniture. But, if you are starting up a new business, you may still be unsure if this type of furniture is right for you. Here are the primary benefits:

  1. Affordable. The main reason business owners buy refurbished furniture is its affordability. You can often purchase nearly new and completely refurbished furniture and cubicles for as little as 25 or 30 cents on the dollar, which means you will be able to afford four times the amount of furniture. If you have a limited budget, these savings can’t be beat.
  2. Eco-Friendly. Tons of used office furniture goes into a landfill every year because the owners don’t know what else to do with it. The consequences are that some materials (upholstery, plastics) will disintegrate and leach toxic chemicals into the air and groundwater. Buying refurbished furniture is the best thing to do for the planet.
  3. Resale Value. Buying high quality used furniture is a far better investment than buying inexpensive new furniture. Like buying a brand-new car, your brand-new office furniture will lose much of its value as soon as it’s delivered to you. Refurbished high-end office furniture is not only extremely affordable, but you can often resell it later for as much as 75% of the price you paid for it.


We would be remiss if we failed to share with you the drawbacks associated with buying refurbished furniture. We want our customers to be fully informed before making a purchase from EthoSource.

  1. No Warranty. In many cases, when you buy pre-owned furniture, the warranty is limited or has expired. While remanufactured and refurbished cubicles and workstations should come with some type of warranty, this is something you should clarify before you buy.
  2. Visible Blemishes. Since refurbished furniture is not new, you should anticipate that there could be some areas of visible wear and tear. At EthoSource, we do our absolute best to ensure that our refurbished furniture looks and functions as new.

While price should not be everything, your budget will determine the type, quality, and quantity of furniture you can afford to buy. Fixing your budget before you go shopping will help you narrow down your choices without compromising quality.

If you are concerned about adhering to a limited budget for your business, EthoSource can redefine your expectations with a refurbished Ethospace system. To explore your options, contact us at (888) 807-3846 or visit one of our showrooms in King of Prussia or Reading, PA.