Refurbished Ethospace cubicles are available from Ethosource for a significant cost savings. This makes them ideal for startup businesses and those wishing to redesign their office spaces.

Refurbished Ethospace Cubicles

EthoSource, based in Morgantown, PA, provides businesses with refurbished and pre-owned office furniture from top-brand manufacturers. We specialize in refurbishing Herman Miller Ethospace furniture, and we cater to the requests of our customers by updating fabrics and finishes to their specifications.

Though many business owners feel that it is a necessity to buy all new furniture, there are many benefits to buying refurbished cubicles. Understanding these benefits might assist you with your office design plans and improve your overall productivity.


The biggest difference between new and used office furniture is the price. Nearly new and completely refurbished furniture and cubicles can often be purchased for as little as 25 or 30 cents on the dollar, enabling you to buy three or four times the amount of furniture you could ordinarily afford. If you are attempting to furnish your office on a limited budget, these savings can’t be beat.

Easy Setup

Buying refurbished cubicles and workstations eliminates the waiting time required for ordering new cubicles. These items are in-stock and ready to be shipped and delivered when you place your order. That means you can easily setup your office in a timeframe that will have your business up and running quickly.


The manufacture of new office furniture takes a lot of raw materials, labor and energy. Purchasing refurbished office furniture helps protect and preserve the earth’s resources. It uses little or no additional raw materials and less energy and labor, making it ideal for any company pursuing green initiatives. EthoSource takes pride in helping customers achieve LEED certification by implementing our recycled office furniture solutions.

In Excellent Working Order

Many dealers sell used desks, chairs, cubicles and workstations “as is”, which means they have done few, if any, repairs. To the contrary, all EthoSource refurbished cubicles have been inspected, cleaned, and repaired where necessary. We ensure that all structural components and parts are present and clean them to eliminate signs of prior use. This makes our refurbished cubicles look and function as if they are new.

Design Options Galore

Buying refurbished cubicles enables you to choose unique designs that work best for each space you are furnishing, such as:

  • 120 Degree Cubicles
  • Multi-Height Surface Cubicles
  • Cubicles with Wardrobes
  • Cubicles with Doors
  • Collaborative Cubicles
  • Cubicles with Overhead Storage
  • Cubicles with Glass
  • Low Height Cubicles
  • Reception Cubicles

Having the ability to design according to your business needs is another great benefit of buying refurbished cubicles.

Like-New Condition

Refurbished cubicles can be purchased with new coatings and laminates. This makes them look brand new when installed in your office. The fact remains that newer looking furniture is aesthetically pleasing. When you buy pre-owned office furniture from top brand names, you can rest assured that their superior ergonomic design and engineering will contribute to guaranteeing your business enjoys improved productivity.

If you are in the market for refurbished Ethospace cubicles and workstations, we suggest you consider the reasons this is a money-saving, productivity boosting option for your business. Ethospace cubicles are high quality, budget-friendly, sustainable products. Your customers will appreciate their aesthetics and your staff will enjoy their comfort and functionality.

Allow EthoSource to provide you with affordable refurbished Ethospace cubicles. Contact us at (888) 807-3846 to explore your options, or visit our showrooms in Reading or King of Prussia, PA.