If you are wondering, “Is there an office furniture warehouse near me?”, look no further than Ethosource! We provide businesses everywhere with a better way to create the perfect office environment.

Ethosource uses a consultative approach that starts with a series of questions. We do a lot of listening and from there are able to creatively blend together new, preowned, and refurbished products from a variety of quality manufacturers to help you attain the vision you have for your space while staying within your budget.

Office Furniture Warehouse Near MeOur suggestions are rooted in what will help you achieve your company’s unique goals. And we will fully support you throughout the entire process by offering you expert space planning, design, project management, and installation services so that you can remain focused on your business.

Tips for Picking the Right Furniture

The performance of your employees and staff can be seriously affected by the furniture that you put in your office. You want to ensure that you provide an exceptional working environment. So, when you have to choose furniture for your space, here are the things to consider:

Comfort. People typically spend more hours at work than they do at home. Providing your team with comfortable chairs and desks will ensure they are capable of working those long hours day in and day out. We suggest you test chairs before you buy them, as looks can often be deceiving. And, if you can test it with the desk you are thinking about purchasing, that’s even better because not all chairs and desks will complement each other the way you think they will, based on appearances.

Space. The size and layout of your office space should be a determining factor in the types and sizes of the furniture you purchase. While some pieces might look great or have price tag appeal, they could be totally wrong for what you are working with. Make sure that you provide ample space for employees to be able to maneuver through the office. Don’t buy so much furniture that it’s standing room only. Leave a clear space for traffic flow.

Needs. We understand that you want to ensure your office is an attractive looking location, especially if you intend to have customers or clients visit. However, while you might be looking at color schemes and materials, you could be adding pieces that you simply don’t need in your office. You want to purchase furniture that will cater to all your needs with ample storage space and desk area to ensure your staff can be productive all the time.

Flexibility. There are so many ways to layout an office, and one of the problems owners encounter is that they have purchased pieces that will only work in one way. You want to buy things that can be multi-functional should you need to rearrange the layout or structure of your office environment. This requires being able to see a little bit into the future as your hopes for growth are realized.

Ethosource has a tremendous product offering of new, preowned, and reconditioned office furniture. We are the best office furniture warehouse near you. Our goal is always to enable companies of all sizes to achieve a great-looking office at a price that works. Give us a call at 888.807.3846 for more advice. Or visit us online.