Office furniture stores abound. But you won’t receive the complete support you need using anyplace other than Ethosource.

Ethosource’s turnkey services include professional design and space planning, the ability to customize your specifications, and expert project management. We do all this to guarantee a superior and inspiring office environment you will be proud of for years to come.

Office Furniture StoresEthosource has a tremendous product offering of new and refurbished office furniture that enables companies of all sizes to achieve a great-looking office at a price that works for them. With a 100,000 square foot warehouse at our Corporate Headquarters and two retail stores and showrooms with 50,000 square feet of every-changing inventory, you can trust you will find everything you need with us.

Buyer’s Guide to Office Furniture

There are really just four bits of criteria that are necessary to consider when it comes to purchasing office furniture regardless of your situation. These include:

  1. Aesthetics. The way your office looks will play a critical role in how successful your company is. In fact, studies show that attractive offices have better luck bringing in and retaining top talent. When you invest in the space where your people spend a third of their time you convey the fact that you value them, their health, and their time. This makes them want to keep working for you and do a good job at the same time!
  2. Ergonomics. It is a word that is thrown around a lot, but it has some real significance when it comes to chairs and desks in the workplace. You need to keep your employees’ needs and abilities in mind as you choose the furniture you place in your office. That’s why ergonomics need to take precedence. This aspect has a serious impact on staff productivity, health, and overall happiness. People who are comfortable at work do better at their tasks.
  3. Flexibility & Adjustability. The truth is your employees will come in all shapes and sizes. You should take this into consideration as one-size fits all furniture is probably not your best choice. Get desks and tables that are height adjustable and chairs that have the ability to increase or decrease armrest width. Adjustable head and backrests for these chairs are also a good option. If you want your employees to be focused, ensure they are comfortable where they sit.
  4. Brand Reputation. We understand that buying top of the line furniture from brands that are well known in the industry can be an expensive endeavor. However, that is also why we offer preowned and reconditioned furniture. This way you can still get the best brands just at a price you can afford. The reason you want to buy furniture from brands you know is because they earn their reputations from the products they create. They use quality material that is durable and long lasting which makes the money invested in their furniture worth the expense.

As you search for office furniture stores, understand that Ethosource will provide your business with a better way to create the perfect office environment. And we will fully support you through the whole process! Give us a call at 888.807.3846 or visit us online for more information.