Getting your office furniture at Ethosource in Reading, PA is a great idea, especially when you are looking for a combination of new, previously-owned, and refurbished pieces. We provide businesses with a more affordable way to create their perfect office environments.

Office Furniture Reading, PAAt Ethosource, we pride ourselves on our devotion to customer satisfaction. You can do more than buy your office furniture from us. We fully support our clients throughout the entire process with expert project management, design, space planning and installation services.

So, if you are considering buying office furniture, our retail stores and showrooms in Reading and King of Prussia are great places to start your search. Keep in mind that great office furniture can actually increase the productivity of your business.

How Does Office Furniture Impact Productivity?

Though it may seem like an odd concept, every piece of furniture in your office has the ability to make an impact on your business’ productivity. This is why you are seeing so many offices go through makeovers. How does office furniture impact productivity? Here are the ways:

  • Boring equals lethargic. A dull, boring atmosphere will never bring out the best in employees. It’s easy to lose interest in work, and productivity will suffer. Avoid lethargic employees by updating boring and drab furniture with stylish, modern pieces. It’s a small price to pay for a happier and more energetic work environment.
  • Color equals enthusiasm. Bright colors lift moods. Choosing furniture that is brightly colored is a great way to increase morale. Happy employees are more productive employees. Cool colors alleviate stress, too.
  • Clean equals healthy. When you are working in a clean environment with furniture that has been well taken care of, you are less likely to become ill. This makes it easier to relax and be comfortable, which means doing your job is a lot simpler. Disorganization can deprive you of your enthusiasm, so keeping a clean space will improve your overall attitude and health.
  • Organization equals success. Keeping everything organized can help people stay focused on the task at hand. When they have to constantly get up to get copies from the printer or use a different piece of technology, they may put off those tasks. If you organize the space in a way that the furniture makes everything readily accessible, you will see more success.
  • Division equals balance. Creating two different spaces within the office to allow for professional and personal time is a great idea. You can dedicate one space to doing the job while allowing your staff another place to use during their free time. This will create balances between your staff’s professional and private lives and create a sense of camaraderie.
  • Natural light equals vitality. You want your employees to be well-rested when they come to work each morning. Research shows that more exposure to white light means better rest at night and better concentration during the day. So, if possible, place desks near windows and skylights.

The furniture you choose can directly affect the work your staff does. So, when you are searching for office furniture in Reading, PA, we strongly recommend you visit Ethosource. If you have any additional questions, you can give us a call at (888) 807-3846.