Office Furniture Maple Shade, NJ

First impressions last. As you choose office furniture for your Maple Shade, NJ business, remember the importance of a cohesive, well-defined, and functional space. Ethosource provides a varied, large, and ever-changing inventory of refurbished and new pieces that will meet all of your business’s needs.

Office Furniture Maple Shade, NJEthosource provides great quality, custom options, and comprehensive service. Finding a single source to check every furniture box is invaluable, and you have it with us.

New and refurbished furniture from Ethosource is a cost-effective way to furnish your business with customized, highly functional pieces. We rescue used pieces from some of the best names in the business and refurbish them to like new condition.

The Affordability of Refurbished Furniture

Refurbished furniture, in all reality, begins as rescue. We at Ethosource keep these items out of the landfill and return them to pristine condition with custom fabrics and finishes. When they come to you, our customer, you’re able to procure the best furniture for much less.

Solutions for Aging Furniture

Office furniture, especially in waiting rooms and workstations, will probably become dated before furniture in other spaces. Scratches, dents, tears, and stains are simply costs of doing business. Ethosource provides compatible parts and maintenance services to help your furniture go every mile possible.

Furniture Pieces for Refurbishment

Another service that we at Ethosource offer is furniture decommissions and liquidation. The Herman Miller brand of workstation systems is just one of the many name brand products that we purchase, refurbish, configure design, deliver, install, service, maintain, relocate, and decommission.

We specialize in refurbishing high-quality pieces that can be suitably returned to appealing and functional condition. We then pass the savings on to you, our valued client.

The Reality of Customizing Refurbished Furnishings

Customizations of your refurbished furnishing choices from Ethosource are simple. Choose the color, design, and finish materials used on your pieces to make branding, inspiration, motivation, and cohesiveness simple. We make it possible to secure branding and welcome guests for less money and effort.

Ethosource Environments

The settings that we serve are as varied as our inventory. From corporate environments to educational spaces, tech businesses, healthcare clinics and hospitals, law firms, banking institutions, hospitality venues, and employee fitness areas, we provide furnishings for them all.

The products that we offer for these environments include all of the following categories of products:

  • Reopening the workplace – safe collaboration, screens, visual communications and signage solutions
  • Workstations – Ethosource and AIS DIVI
  • Benching – Basecamp, AIS Oxygen, and more benching solutions
  • Seating – Task, conference, guest, lounge, privacy, modular, cafe, and training seating
  • Private offices – Basecamp, AIS Calibrate, and other private office seating
  • Sit-to-stand – Standpoint, AIS Aloft, and other sit-to-stand systems
  • Screens – framed, freestanding, mounted, frameless, up-mount, and stacking frames.
  • Tables – conference, island, media, and training tables.
  • Storage – Basecamp, Calibrate, and other brands of storage
  • Reception areas – Ooeric, Logiflex Monochrom, Indiana Cameo, Logiflex Inbox, Cherryman Amber, AIS Calibrate, Darran Rail, JSI Vision, and other reception solutions.
  • Outdoor furniture – Ethosource LA MIA, Studio TK Delta and TK KES, Landscape Forms Americana, and more.
  • Architectural walls – flexible, affordable, and sustainable solutions.
  • Accessories – coat hooks, lighting, planters, and more.
  • Power and electric options – various charging and outlet solutions.
  • Ethospace compatible parts
  • Fabrics and finishes – facilitate custom pieces
  • Manufacturer List – large and varied

Explore the office furniture choices that Ethosource has to offer for your Maple Shade, NJ business. Our inventory of new and pre-owned furnishings is varied and immense. We encourage you to visit one of our showrooms – one in King of Prussia and another in Reading, PA – to view our everchanging inventory in person. You can also contact us online or by phone at (610) 982-1955 to discover more about the furnishings and services that we offer.