Office Furniture Liquidators Bethlehem, PA

Choosing liquidators rather than disposingl of office furniture that needs to be replaced in Bethlehem, PA, is the savvy business choice for a multitude of reasons. Ethosource provides both liquidation and replacement options that will fully meet all of your furniture concerns.

Office Furniture Liquidation Allentown, PAWith 50,000 sq .ft. retail spaces in Reading and King of Prussia, PA, Ethosource offers physical displays for clients to view and choose from our ever-revolving inventory. We sell new, pre-owned, and refurbished office furniture, appropriate for multiple industry sectors. In addition to quality furniture pieces, we supply a turnkey menu of services. From design to liquidation, Ethosource covers the full life cycle of furniture, and we welcome all clients whether they want the full service or simply to purchase furniture pieces.


Office furniture is meant for use, and it can begin to look aged just as a matter of course. When the time for replacement comes, what do you do with the older furniture? You have a few choices:

  • Hire a removal company or have employees haul furniture away
  • Sell the furniture yourself
  • Call Ethosource for easy liquidation

We obviously prefer liquidation, but allow us to make the case.

The first option – disposal – is problematic for a few different reasons. It’s wasteful, bad for the environment, and costs resources, either those of a junking company or paid time of employees.

Selling the office furniture yourself isn’t wasteful, but it will require time and effort that takes you or your employees away from the day-to-day of your company.

Liquidation helps you avoid all of the pitfalls of your other two options. Ethosource provides a straightforward method of liquidation and then a source for the replacement pieces. We bring experience, expertise, and logistics to the table, providing effortless liquidation for all sized businesses.

The Sustainability of Liquidation Services through Ethosource

Landfills are full. Liquidation prevents office furniture from needlessly contributing even more to landfills. We collect pieces of office furniture and direct them to our refurbishment center. At this location, we inspect, repair, refinish, and reupholster the furniture to return it to like-new condition.

Liquidation that we provide works to your advantage! You can purchase refurbished quality pieces for pennies on the dollar, gain eco-friendly credibility, and recoup money and avoid costs to offset the price of replacements.

Ethosource Decommission Services include:

  • Office furniture removal
  • Move management
  • Data cable removal
  • Workstation content move/removal
  • Trash & debris removal
  • Wall patch/paint services
  • Buy-back programs
  • Sustainable solutions
  • …and more!


As we provide decommission services for your office furniture, we can also meet your needs for replacement office furniture. Ethosource’s products and services can fulfill a swathe of needs.

One of the key features that all companies should consider is the comfort of employees. Productivity depends on space to work, but space does no good without ability and focus. Pain and discomfort will distract employees, so make sure to invest in seating with back support, adjustable heights and arms, footstools, and other ergonomic arrangements. The desks that you choose can also contribute to health and comfort. Sit-to-stand desking systems will allow your employees to adjust their position throughout the day to maintain comfort.

The modern office uses technology. The furniture that you choose for your office should reflect the reliance and integration of this technology. We offer refurbished Ethospace office cubicles with a frame and tile design. All cords and cables are easily concealed, and then the tiles can be removed for easy access to network repair and reconfiguration.

Call (610) 982-1955 for office furniture liquidators and replacement furniture for your Bethlehem, PA business through Ethosource.