Office Furniture Liquidation Harrisburg, PA

The life cycle of office furniture includes the essential step of liquidation, and Harrisburg, PA businesses find every step represented by Ethosource. We provide products and services, including liquidation, that covers every need relative to appealing and functional work places.

Office Furniture Liquidation Harrisburg, PAOffice furniture design may be the beginning phase of your furniture’s life, but it’s life doesn’t have to end when it no longer suits the tone of your office. A couple of dents, scratches, and worn fabric don’t mean death; they mean liquidation becomes appropriate. Ethosource is able to provide all services from design to space planning, delivery, installation, maintenance, liquidation, and replacement so that your focus can remain on creating the best business possible.

We take well loved pieces, refurbish them in our special facility and provide them to discount eager business owners in our refurbished and used inventory.

Let’s Consider What Office Furniture Liquidation Is and How It Benefits Businesses

When businesses need to get rid of unwanted furniture pieces from their office spaces, they turn to liquidation services like that offered by Ethosource. We provide a fast service along with access to high quality furniture replacements.

At its most basic, liquidation means selling unwanted items at a discounted price. We take items that retain some value, repair and replace them, and sell them for some profit but much cheaper than brand new retail.

Situations that often call for furniture liquidation occur when a company is relocating, downsizing, upgrading, or redesigning. Please note that Ethosource can also provide all of these services as well.

Ethosource is able to provide all furniture-related services from concept to liquidation and beyond. Reach out online or by phone for more information; our team awaits the opportunity to serve with products or services.

Liquidation is great for your bottom line, but it’s also beneficial for the environment. Allowing older furniture to be repurposed and redistributed keeps those pieces out of the dump.

The Liquidation Process

Office furniture inventory liquidation begins with a request and a valuation of the pieces. Using the appraisal, an estimate of refurbishment costs, and our profit appraisal, we’ll make an offer to buy the pieces. If the pieces aren’t worth liquidation, we also provide removal and disposal services for your office furniture.

When liquidation terms occur, we will set up a time to take the furniture off your hands. We have crews who know how to get in and out quickly, without disrupting your workflow or causing damage to the premises.

Filling Up Liquidated Spaces

Once liquidation is done, your office space will need new pieces to replace the old. Ethosource offers the opportunity for custom furniture design, space planning, and layout. We’ll have you make the most of the square footage to enhance workflow and aesthetic satisfaction.

These steps will also help eliminate clutter, facilitate work systems, incorporate tech, include storage, and integrate branding in the design, all by carefully designing and selecting office furniture pieces and systems.

The American worker spends as much time in the office space as they do in the home environment. Ethosource provides services and products that allow you to offer your employees comfort and job satisfaction. If this process involves the need for office furniture liquidation, we offer that as well to Harrisburg, PA and beyond. Reach out today for a commitment free quote request either online or by calling (888) 807-3846.