Office Furniture Hershey, PA

The contribution of color and design to your office furniture can completely transform the brand and environment of your Hershey, PA business. Ethosource provides products and services that allow you to enjoy a unified and stylish office without effort and stress.

Office Furniture Hershey, PANo matter the size or type of your workplace, Ethosource can fulfill the furnishing needs that you may not even be aware exist. We offer all styles of furniture, with the best quality and functionality possible. Our inventory of new and refurbished office furnishings also provide customization options for your space. Choose a set of colors and finishes that reflect the brand and tone of your business.

Identifying the Color Scheme for Your Office

The colors, designs, and textures that you choose should be aesthetically appealing, complimentary to your brand, and conducive to creativity and positive energy.

As creative and subjective as color choices may be, a few rules do actually guide color choices. Reviewing them will help you achieve the environment that will best suit your business.

How Colors Affect the Brain

The connection between emotion and color is documented and leveraged in practically all industries. From restaurants to movies, dentist offices, and more, colors can inspire, calm, aggravate, etc. The right colors can keep employees engaged, motivate customers to buy, and enhance a sense of welcome.

  • The choice of the color green inspires welcome and a sense of the natural world. The color works well in design because it can be combined with many different shades and design plans.
  • Blue is a peaceful color that promotes concentration. Within office workspaces or patient rooms are ideal places for this color.
  • Colors that you should steer clear of include yellow and red. Yellow can cause anxiety and stress, but a more subtle shade like burnt orange or cold can work well as an accent for other colors. Red is also a terrific accent color. It can trigger short bursts of attention, excitement, hunger, and purchases. Retail businesses and restaurants, for instance, should consider incorporating red in the interior design.

Carpet Color Choices

Patterned carpets aren’t the best choice for long term use. Trends come and go, and the design may prove difficult to coordinate with other colors and accessories. Leave the plush carpeting to executive offices; high-traffic areas need low pile, durable carpeting.

Neutral, muted colors work best for carpeting in office settings. Beige is a neutral that will suffice, but it may show dirt more than other colors. Greens are welcoming and comforting, and grays are calming and great for concealing wear and dirt.

The Color Wheel

Specific color pairs complement one another. Blue and orange, red and green, purple and yellow are all pairs that work. Shades of these colors can be combined and used effectively in design. We at Ethosource urge you to take advantage of both our customization options as well as our design pros.

We’ll advise you on the best furniture for your office in Hershey, PA. Ethosource has a full inventory, an expert staff, and a comprehensive catalog of services to make your office as effective aesthetically as it is functionally. Come in to view our retail and showroom spaces in Reading and King of Prussia, PA. You can also reach out online or call (610) 982-1955 for more information or to order.