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We make sure that every suggestion we provide is aimed at how it will help our clients achieve their unique goals for their office spaces. Then we support our clients completely throughout the entire process with expert project management, design and space planning, and installation services.

Know Where to Splurge

Office Furniture Harrisburg, PABuying office furniture can be challenging, especially when you are a small business owner who has to stick to a strict budget. However, there are items you should definitely splurge on as you choose what furniture is right for your office space and layout. Here are some “splurge tips” from our experts:

  1. First impressions. It is essential to make a statement in your reception area. You want to choose a furniture that will make a good first impression on anyone who walks in the door. This will be a high traffic area so be sure to buy a reception desk that is durable and can last for many years.
  2. Conference room. You need to create a meeting area that is comfortable, impressive, and attractive. This will usually require a sturdy table since you will probably be holding lots of meetings in your conference room. But, don’t forget that the chairs are just as important. Attendees must be able to sit through long meetings without back pain. So, buy good chairs for this area!
  3. Private space. Your employees’ private offices or workstations need to be both durable and comfortable. Consider purchasing sit-stand desks for them. And, when you make the decision on office chairs. opt for those that offer various ergonomic adjustments. You want your employees to be comfortable if they’re working long hours, so they can be as productive as possible.

Know Where to Save

Now that you know what you should spend the bulk of your office furniture budget on, it is important to understand what other pieces can be bought at less expense. Know where to save:

  1. Coffee and end tables. These will probably be located in your reception area. They are appealing but are not used much. So, we advise purchasing inexpensive versions. Replacing them years from now won’t cut too deeply into your budget.
  2. Guest chairs. If your employees will have visitors at their workstations or guests in their offices, the chairs you purchase for these purposes don’t have to be top-of-the-line. They are generally lightly used and won’t have to endure harsh wear and tear.
  3. Décor. While décor is important for inspiration and creativity, it doesn’t have to be high-end. Use whatever remains in your budget to choose the artwork, lamps, and area rugs you need. You can always get them at reasonable prices.

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