Office Furniture Hanover, PA

The type of office furniture that you use in your Hanover, PA, office will have a direct effect on its productivity and profitability. Ethosource offers a range of options, including benching seating, a new trend that you may not have considered.

Office Furniture Hanover, PAEthosource offers new and refurbished pieces that provide functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our services include more than selling your business furniture, though. You can choose to rely on us for layout, styling, delivery, installation, maintenance, and even decommission and replacement when the time comes.

Types of Furniture Available at Ethosource:

  • Essentials for Reopening the Workplace
  • Workstations
  • Benching
  • Seating
  • Private Offices
  • Sit-to-Stand Systems
  • Screens
  • Tables
  • Storage
  • Reception Areas
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Architectural Walls
  • Accessories
  • Power and Electric Options
  • Ethospace Compatible Parts
  • Fabric and Finish Customization
  • Number of Manufacturers Available

If you haven’t before considered benching furniture for your office, take a moment to consider the advantages of this choice.

Benching systems most often facilitate an open office concept. Whether open spaces in your office are beneficial is really dependent on the type of work you do and the benefits of transparency versus privacy.

Open layouts facilitate communication. The cubicle design works for workplaces that require privacy, but cubicles inhibit communication when collaboration and creativity play a role in work. Being able to freely communicate with those working near you builds a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

In addition, cubicles can create feelings of isolation and lower morale among staff. Eliminating the cubicle style can open up the layout, improving the aesthetic of the space and the attitude of the staff. Bench-style workstations will allow co-workers to engage with one another to produce collaborative solutions to work problems.

The flexibility of benching is another benefit. Arrange employees in rows or in small groups, depending on task requirements. The pieces are also quite easy to rearrange as the need arises. Benching can be blended with other types of office furniture as well, so if some aspects of the business require independent work and others benefit from collaboration, you’ll be able to accommodate those team members.

Bring your office layout current with benching designs. Combine all of your furnishings in inventive ways that promote the processes that your business employs. For instance, group staff by tasks or work dynamics and switch it up frequently. You can also respect the needs of introverts in your midst and provide them a bit of separation.

If your business relies on communication, teamwork, and positivity, benching offers a way to promote all of these qualities!

Types of Benching Solutions:

Basecamp Benching

  • Ideal for encouraging COLLABORATION among staff with shared surfaces separated by file boxes and can be customized with a range of low-profile storage pieces or dividers.
  • Promote CUSTOMIZABLE designs with interchangeable pieces that allow you to create a certain atmosphere, remain within your budget, and add functionality.
  • ADAPT the office design to meet the evolving needs of your business.

AIS Oxygen Benching

  • Promotes an OPEN PLAN and a modern design. The flexibility of the systems are intended to allow workspaces to maximize usable space.
  • The spine of the system facilitates ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS with an 8 or 10 wire multi-circuit powerway.
  • The systems welcome INTEGRATION of storage and task essentials.

Other Benching Systems Offered by Ethosource include Darran, JSI, Logiflex, and OFS.

If you’d like more information on benching or any other style of office furniture for a commercial endeavor in Hanover, PA, reach out to Ethosource at (610) 467-9113.