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Creating the perfect office environment for yourself, your clients, and your staff is one of our specialties. EthoSource will partner with you to provide you with incredible expert space planning, design implementation, project management, and installation services. We want you to achieve your design goals while staying within your budget. We understand how important that is, especially for small business owners!

Innovative Ideas to Improve Your Space

Office Furniture Ephrata, PAWhile it would be simple for our experts to provide you with tips about buying office furniture, and the common mistakes business owners make, we think there are other things you need to know. We want to help you provide a space for your staff and clients that helps them appreciate what your company stands for and how you plan to contribute to the world in positive, inspiring ways. Here are several innovative ideas that will improve your space:

  • Music Rooms. You could take some inspiration from LinkedIn’s headquarters in California. They decided their employees needed a space to blow off steam, a place they could appropriately vent without fear of retaliation or risk of taking it out on each other. So, they designed a music room, complete with garage doors to open when the weather is nice. Employees can go there alone or in groups to clear their minds before returning to their desks.
  • Pets Included. This concept of allowing employees to bring their pets to work with them is actually becoming more common. There is research to suggest that doing so reduces stress and provides employees with a better work-life balance. Plus, it can lead to greater interaction between coworkers that can improve the overall morale in the office.
  • Digital/Smart Whiteboards. If you were hoping for some advice on technological innovation, this is it! When your office workflow is all about shared ideas, digital interactive whiteboards enable you to unify discussions between remote offices, make conference room and classroom presentations more efficient and engaging, while saving all notes and discussions automatically to improve productivity.
  • Dynamic Glass. It might sound strange, but this is actually an innovation that could save you money if used properly. The concept is that this kind of glass can be remotely controlled to provide various levels of tinting. You can preset the functions or use a smart device app. Consider the amount of natural light that enters your office. There are certain times of day when the glare becomes a problem or the heat from the sun raises the temperature in the room. Dynamic glass could potentially cut down on eye strain and cooling costs for businesses like yours!

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