End your search for office furniture dealers at Ethosource. While our corporate headquarters are located in Morgantown, PA we also have two retail stores and showrooms in Reading and King of Prussia, PA.

Office Furniture DealersEthosource was founded by John Gallen Jr. in 2001 under the premise that the utilization of high quality pre-owned and refurbished furniture could be a source of tremendous cost savings and an eco-friendly solution for businesses of all sizes. Ethosource currently serves businesses all across the United States and Canada with high quality furniture, liquidation services, and complete office furniture solutions.

We are driven by the belief that when an office environment works in harmony with the people in it, amazing things will happen. In an ever-changing industry, we don’t get comfortable and never stop learning. We get better every day. Our passion is creating inspiring workplaces so you can pursue yours!

Benefits of Buying Refurbished Office Furniture

While most people understand that they can choose to buy either new or pre-owned furniture, they often miss out on the benefits of purchasing refurbished office furniture. It is a high-quality and affordable alternative to creating your office environment. But what are the other benefits?

Conserve Natural Resources. Buying refurbished office furniture allows you to extend the life of the products and use fewer raw materials. Conserving these materials will translate into cost savings for you but the real benefit is the fact that it can help reduce the pressure on our natural resources. And, that might be something that is really important to your staff, clients, and customers!

Reduce Solid Waste. By extending a product’s life cycle you are preventing it from ending up in a landfill or an incinerator. These things lead to land disturbances, water contamination, and air pollution. Consider refurbished office furniture as another means to reduce, reuse, and recycle within your community.

Lower Energy and Labor Usage. When you reduce the amount of work required to get products to the market, by purchasing those that have already been manufactured you help minimize the energy and labor used to create new materials. Statistically, 85%-95% less energy is used to refurbish furniture and other products which saves you money and improves the environment.

Decrease Air Pollution. In addition to the lowered energy usage, buying refurbished office furniture means that there will be less noxious chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Manufacturing of new products is an extensive endeavor that requires a lot of raw materials and creates some negative byproducts in the process. And, if you deal with clients who have social missions as part of their business plans this will definitely be a selling point for your company versus your competitors that are less environmentally friendly.

The variety of refurbished office furniture at Ethosource is extensive. Our pieces are less expensive and come from high quality brands such as Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, Steelcase, Humanscale and many others. We have what you need whether you are looking for a single chair for your home office or a truckload of private offices for your business.

When it comes to office furniture dealers, allow Ethosource to redefine your expectations! You can call us at 888.807.3846 for more information or visit us online.