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Office Furniture Dealers Philadelphia, PAAt Ethosource, we fully support our clients throughout the entire process. We provide expert space planning, design, installation services, and project management. And, we creatively blend refurbished, previously-owned, and new products from a wide array of quality manufacturers to ensure we can achieve your vision within your budget.

Our Ethosource experts can help you determine which pieces of office furniture are right for your space and industry. We can help match your brand and your ambiance. We can also provide you with tips on how to choose the right office furniture.

Tips for Choosing the Right Office Furniture

Though we may hate to admit it, most of us spend the majority of our time at work. Unfortunately, many people endure office environments that are not well designed. As a business owner, you will want to ensure that your space is appealing and comfortable for your employees and your clientele. So, here are some tips for choosing the right office furniture:

  1. Know your needs. Before you get carried away with office furniture designs, it’s important to know what your basic needs are. Make a list of the absolute necessities. Consider how you will use the office space and who will be working for you. Think about the furniture those employees will need and add the items to your list.
  2. Understand the space. No doubt you already have a location picked out. But each office space is different, so it’s important to understand how you want to use the space. Plan to utilize natural lighting wherever you can. And don’t forget that you will want someone positioned as a receptionist, or the face of the company, should you have clients who visit your offices.
  3. Pick the right furniture. Desks and chairs will be the most important furniture you have to pick out. Make sure the designs you choose will be suitable for the work you intend to be doing. Sit-stand desks can be a great healthy option to consider. And, ensure that the desks you choose can be easily integrated with all of your required technology to keep things efficient.
  4. Consider your brand. Style and branding should play a key part in the furniture you choose. You want the furniture that fills your office space to reflect your company’s style and personality. Stay consistent with the designs you choose so that the aesthetic continues throughout the office.
  5. Don’t forget space for files and supplies. Having a great looking desk is a wonderful thing, but, if there’s no place to put all your paperwork and supplies, then it won’t be as functional as you need it to be. Be sure to utilize cabinets and file storage drawers. In fact, mobile cabinets are a great option and allow for some flexibility in the workplace.

Choosing the right office furniture doesn’t have to be difficult. When you search for the best office furniture dealers in Philadelphia, PA, we are certain you will realize that Ethosource is the place to go. You can visit one of our showrooms in Reading, PA or King of Prussia, PA to get all of the assistance you need. Or feel free to give us a call at (888) 807-3846.