Have you been asking, “Where can I find office furniture dealers near me?” it’s as simple as contacting Ethosource. Our corporate headquarters is located in Morgantown, PA, but we also have two retail stores and showrooms in Reading and King of Prussia, PA.

Ethosource is devoted to providing businesses with a better way to create their perfect office environment. We utilize a consultative approach that allows us to help you creatively blend new, pre-owned, and refurbished products from numerous quality manufacturers so that you can achieve the vision you have for your space while staying within your budget.

Office Furniture Dealers Near MeAnd, we don’t just stop helping you once the sale is complete. We fully support our clients throughout the entire process with expert space planning, design, project management, and installation services. No matter what your furniture needs, we invite you to experience Ethosource…you will be thrilled with the outcome!

Refurbished Office Furniture Can Be a Great Thing!

As a business owner, you probably already know that there are many ways to ensure your employees’ workspaces are productive. You can implement natural light and keep the temperature between 71 and 78 degrees. However, one of the most important ways of boosting productivity is incorporating furniture that makes the job easy on your employees’ bodies.

Amazingly, you won’t have to buy all new furniture to achieve this. In fact, you can get your hands on high-quality items at discounted prices when you opt to take advantage of the benefits of refurbished office furniture. Here are some of the reasons refurbished furniture can be a great thing: 

  • Saves You Money: This is the most obvious reason to make the decision to buy refurbished furniture. You don’t have to sacrifice quality, function, or style because refurbished furniture has been returned to an almost new condition. It will last you a long time and won’t require the repairs that purchasing used furniture could result in.
  • Better Quality Products: We understand that major brands like Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, Steelcase, Humanscale, and many others can be quite expensive when purchased new. That is why we stock refurbished versions of these products. You have access to the superior craftsmanship and high-end materials used to produce these pieces but can acquire them at discounted prices. Refurbished furniture purchases allow you to score better quality products that would have been out of your price range had you attempted to buy them new.
  • Bright and Shiny Spaces. One of the best aspects of buying refurbished furniture is the ability to customize the look. Many times, we can refurbish your pieces with your choice of colors and fabrics. So, that new coating or laminate layer can make a surface look brand new when you place it in your office. Because furniture that looks new is aesthetically pleasing, and because you will have been able to purchase pieces that have been well engineered and ergonomically designed, this will contribute significantly to ensuring you have a productive team on your side!

With a 100,000 square feet warehouse at our Corporate Headquarters, we have the resources and ability to create a unique work environment for your business that accommodates your employee needs and fits within your space. And, our retail stores have 50,000 square feet of ever-changing inventory at both locations.

So, when you search for office furniture dealers near you, don’t forget to contact Ethosource. Our experts can help you get the most out of your budget and space requirements. Give us a call at 888.807.3846 or contact us online. Allow us to redefine your expectations!