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Trending Layouts and Furniture Options

Office Furniture Blandon, PAThe past few years have seen a tremendous evolution in office layout and culture. Of course, the main trend, initiated by the tech and startup world, involves offices that are fun and comfortably creative. Here are our experts’ top five options:

  1. Whiteboard Walls. Most offices today don’t have a lot of available wall space. But that doesn’t mean you can’t transform them into workable spaces that assist with employee collaboration and idea generation. All you need is some specialized paint to turn them into giant whiteboards where employees and managers can jot notes or reminders.
  2. Open Lounge. It is no surprise that the happier your employees are, the more work they will do for you. So, creating a comfortable lounge area where they can enjoy lunch, or a brief break, is a great way to ensure that you keep them smiling throughout the workday. Consider including a full kitchen where they can refuel and refresh themselves and have total control over what they eat.
  3. Bring Nature Indoors. Humans have a need to feel connected to nature, and this doesn’t disappear when we are at work. Today’s offices can include biophilic design, the incorporation of elements of nature in design, to boost employee happiness and stress management With the right workplace design, including more access to natural light, plants, and even indoor water fountains, performance and satisfaction will increase and workers will prosper.
  4. Laptop Stations. If you have a lot of employees doing work on laptops, why make them sit in traditional office chairs that can wreak havoc on their backs after long periods of time? Consider adding more comfortable locations throughout the office for those who spend the majority of their time on laptops. Recliners and comfortable couches are a great way to make your employees happier about having to sit in front of a screen all day.
  5. Quiet Zones. Quiet spaces help you think and get things done. They are places employees can head to when they don’t have time for interruptions. They typically offer some privacy, but not quite as much as something like a private office. Private zones often have doors, but screens can be just as effective.

Finding office furniture in Blandon, PA is not hard. But, finding a company like EthoSource, that will partner with you to ensure your success long after the sale is complete, might be impossible. Feel free to visit our showrooms in Reading and King of Prussia, PA or give our experts a call at (888) 807 3846 to explore your options.