Looking for new office furniture in Philadelphia, PA can seem like an overwhelming task. But thanks to Ethosource, you can access some of the top brands in new, preowned, and refurbished condition.

At Ethosource, we provide our clients with turnkey services that include professional design and space planning, the ability to customize to your specifications, and expert project management. We want to guarantee that you will have an inspiring office environment you will be proud of for many years.

Why Buy New Furniture?

New Office Furniture Philadelphia, PAStarting a new business or moving to a new location is the ideal time to update the office furniture you have, and, though there are many reasons to purchase preowned or refurbished furniture, our experts would like you to know some of the reasons to buy new furniture as well. Here are some of those reasons:

    1. Warranties. When you buy new products, you will potentially receive better support from the manufacturer. This is because new products come with warranties that protect you from manufacturer errors or inconsistencies. And, many of them even offer repairs or extended warranties to provide you with some added security.
    2. Health. Face it, buying used furniture doesn’t mean you are getting the cleanest items. New furniture hasn’t been exposed to the dust, germs, and mites that pre-owned items have been. The cleaner your office furniture, the healthier your work environment. Since employee illnesses cut into productivity, this is a worthwhile reason to purchase new furniture, especially if it incorporates fabric of any kind.
    3. Aesthetics. Obviously, you want your office to look professional and show that you care about its appearance. Older furniture could be outdated and give your clients an impression that you are not concerned about trends or aesthetics. New furniture is contemporary and will be more likely to accommodate the popular technology your business needs via built-in charging stations and cables.
    4. Recruitment. If you are looking to expand your business, you want to offer future employees a place where they will be proud to work. You also want to ensure that the environment is comfortable and inviting. Potential employees who see that you have invested in your furniture are more apt to believe you will invest in them as well. This makes working for your company more appealing.
    5. Longevity. If you are moving spaces, this can make some customers and employees nervous. They might be concerned about how long you plan to be around. So, when you buy new furniture, you set their minds at ease because your investment suggests that you intend to be around for a long time.

Ethosource can provide you with quality brand names you can trust. We will gladly sell you the new furniture you are looking for, but we also advise you to consider pre-owned and refurbished pieces as well. These pieces will make your company more eco-friendly, which is an excellent selling point for clients and employees!

You can find new office furniture in Philadelphia, PA through Ethosource. We have two showrooms and retail stores in Reading and King of Prussia, PA. Or, you can give us a call at (888) 807-3846 if you have additional questions.