Choosing the perfect hotel lobby furniture is potentially more important than you realize. You have to make a good first impression for your clientele and Ethosource can definitely help you do just that.

Hotel Lobby FurnitureAt Ethosource, we provide businesses with a better way to create their perfect environment. We utilize a consultative approach that will help us ascertain what you are looking for in the design and statement you wish to make in your hotel lobby. Every suggestion we make is rooted in how it will help our clients achieve their unique goals for their spaces.

Unlike many other furniture suppliers, Ethosource remains in partnership with our clients well beyond the installation of new furniture. We will assist with furniture reconfigurations, repairs, updates, cleaning, moving, as well as trade-ins, buybacks, and liquidation services. When it comes to your hotel lobby furniture, we are your one-stop shop!

The Perfect Hotel Lobby Design

As we said previously, when you are choosing the furniture for your hotel lobby, you are undertaking a serious endeavor because first impressions can be the key to your success. Lobbies are the epicenter of hotels and they are the first rooms that guests see. This is where they will determine whether or not they have stepped into the right hotel for them.

When your goal is to make a lasting first impression, you will need a “wow” factor along with a clean and tidy space. So here are the keys to the perfect hotel lobby design:

  • Functionality. Lobbies used to be created to serve simple functions. They were there for the purpose of checking in and out. But times have changed, and guests are expecting far more from the lobby experience. Adding seating areas, places for business travelers, and even play areas for kids can give your lobby the “wow” factor it takes to get repeat reservations.
  • Social Spaces. Many of your guests are going to want to use your lobby for the purpose of socializing depending on why they are staying there. Business travelers may view it as a means in which to network with others like themselves. So, it is important that you invest in flexible seating areas as well as intimate lounge and communal spaces.
  • Provide Comfort. Regardless of whether your guests are there for leisure or business they are all looking for the same thing: comfort. Luxurious décor may provide a stunning appearance, but if it isn’t comfortable it is going to detract from your ultimate goal: providing guests a place they want to be. Large, plush couches are a great way to offer guests an area where they can go to eat, drink, and be merry.
  • Accessible Amenities. A key factor for deciding on what hotel to utilize is the amenities it provides. Making those amenities available in the lobby will gain you respect from your patrons. Consider purchasing a TV package that shows the latest football games or boxing matches. Set up hubs where your guests can work from their laptops and iPads, complete with charging stations. And, don’t forget to provide them with some complimentary toiletries in the restrooms should they need to freshen up.

You don’t have to struggle to locate the appropriate hotel lobby furniture when you deal with Ethosource. Our experts are available by phone at (888) 807.3846 or you can visit one of our retail stores and showrooms in King of Prussia or Reading, PA.