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Executive Office Trends for Efficiency and Comfort

The structured and rigid workspaces of the past are becoming less and less a reality today. Some of the biggest companies in the world have transformed their office designs to a more flexible and inspiring layout that helps keep executives motivated and focused while at work. No doubt you would like to see the same happen for your own company.

We now understand that features and designs in the office have significant impacts on productivity which can mean the success of your company. So, it might be time to transform your workplace into an inviting environment where your executives don’t mind spending a third of their lives.

So, what steps should you take to embrace the executive office trends for efficiency and comfort? Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Add natural features. Experiences in nature have long been known to boost creativity and help calm the mind. Unfortunately, very few of us can set up our laptops in the woods. So, utilizing furniture that has been made from natural materials like bamboo and wood is one way to embrace nature within the office setting. Wilderness photography and live greenery is another important aspect especially when coupled with warm earth tones.
  2. Utilize available natural lighting. Research has proven that the closer you are to a window, the greater the decrease in work-related health issues. You will notice that you experience less eyestrain and headaches when you have access to a window that allows the natural light to shine through.
  3. Get flexible seating. Intensive tasks require extreme focus so ergonomic kneeling chairs and standing desks are a great investment. But you might also want to consider hammocks and height adjustable tables for when your executives need to unwind and clear their heads for the next project.
  4. Consider wellness spaces. People are seeking to create a better work-life balance and that desire is impacting the design of today’s offices. You will realize that some of the highest functioning offices are providing their executives and employees with spaces to recover and rejuvenate after grueling hours of intense workloads. Some options include meditation spaces, quiet rooms, and massage rooms.

Executive office furniture trends are constantly changing, but one key takeaway is ensuring that your executives and staff appreciate where they work. At Ethosource, we can help you choose the furniture that makes that possible. Give our experts a call at (888) 807.3846 for additional information and assistance.