Choosing the right executive conference room furniture can seem like a daunting task. Allow the experts at Ethosource to help you make the right decisions for your company.

Ethosource is devoted to ensuring that our clients create an attractive office environment that can improve their productivity while staying withing their budgetary limits. We support our clients through the whole process, unlike many other furniture retailers, by offering expert space planning, design, project management, and installation services.

Choosing the Right Executive Conference Room Furniture

Executive Conference Room FurnitureBecause conference rooms are secondary workspaces, their furniture needs are often overlooked. But, choosing the right furniture for your executive conference room can boost productivity and impress your clientele. Before you pick furniture, here are a couple of things to consider:

  • How will the space be used?
  • What furniture will best suit that purpose?
  • Will it need to be reconfigured for various situations?
  • Who’s going to spend the most time in the space?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you pick the appropriate pieces for the purposes they will serve. Keep in mind that your conference room doesn’t have to be a traditional long table with chairs around it. You can make it more versatile based on your company’s specific needs.

If you are going to entertain clients, you may want to opt for that traditional look with exceptionally comfortable chairs. But, if your conference room is going to be used to allow your employees to congregate and brainstorm, you may want to consider some less traditional items like comfortable sofas and smaller tables.

Choosing the Right Chairs

Now that you have determined what you will be using your conference room for, it is time to choose the right chairs for the space. Here are some helpful tips for making that decision. Ask yourself:

  1. What’s the most comfortable? While you may have realized that ergonomic seating was the way to go in your offices, there are also ergonomic options for conference room chairs. Look for comfortable and customizable seating for that space as well.
  2. Are the chairs aesthetically pleasing? Obviously, this shouldn’t be the first and foremost concern for choosing the right chairs, but the truth is, aesthetics in an office environment can make a real difference in perception and productivity. You want to pick pieces that will suit your brand and style so consider the colors and materials of the chairs you choose.
  3. Are they durable? No one wants to have to buy office furniture over and over again. So, ensuring that you purchase chairs that are durable is essential to keeping your investment in office furniture worthwhile. At Ethosource we carry Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, Steelcase, Humanscale and many other brands you can trust. And, we even have used and refurbished pieces.
  4. Are they readily movable? Keep in mind that those in your conference space may need to pivot to see a speaker or collaborate with a partner. So, purchasing conference room chairs that are on wheels is ideal for that environment. Plus, when you need more space you can always roll them out of the way!

Getting the right executive conference room furniture is as simple as contacting Ethosource or visiting one of our two retail stores and showrooms located in King of Prussia and Reading, PA. Give us a call at 888.807.3846 for additional information or assistance. Or you can contact us online.