Conference Room Furniture Philadelphia

The conference room furniture that you choose for your Philadelphia boardroom or executive office sets the tone for negotiations, decisions, and key conversations. Ethosource offers the furniture and the expertise to establish an ideal setting for success. 

Conference Room Furniture PhiladelphiaEthosource’s mission is to provide customers with appropriate office furniture and guidance to meet their needs regarding appearance and usability. In fact, the services that we offer are such that our clients can enjoy a turnkey furniture solution if they choose. Pick and choose from our service menu as you like:

  • Space planning and design
  • Project management
  • Office furniture decommissions
  • Reconfigurations
  • Move management and relocation
  • Delivery and installation
  • Service and parts
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Furniture maintenance

Multi-Functionality of the Modern Conference Table

In former times, the conference table was reserved for high priority meetings, but most companies use these areas for various meetings, even casual lounging and collaborative sessions. These changes may mean adjustments to both appearance and durability requirements. The furnishings need to be up for regular use and still appeal to the eye.

Smaller businesses, in particular, need to create spaces that can meet many needs. Ethosource provides ideal furnishings for a room where employee training, lunches, virtual meetings, interviews, and budget meetings all occur. Comfortable seating and adjustable surfaces may be essential to this type of conference room.

Connecting Conferencing and Working Stations

The trend toward collaborative work spaces also demands that conferencing spaces become part of working stations. The most efficient design makes it convenient for team members to come together, work on a project, and then return to their individual stations to continue with the day. Perhaps your business would find increased productivity with several smaller team spaces instead of a single imposing executive conference table. 

Virtual meetings, and the adjustments to design they require, should influence your choice of conference room furnishings as well. The design that meets the needs of video conferences will vary widely. Consider speaking with the Ethosource team about the best options for accommodating in-person meetings, teleconferencing, or a hybrid form of participation.

Meeting all of these needs while still establishing an appropriate mood for executive meetings is quite an order, but we’re up to it. The materials, shape, and design of conference room furnishings can vary, depending on the needs of your business. 

We offer a range of used, refurbished, and new pieces well-suited to all industry sectors.

Resolving the Size Problem

After resolving the best type of furnishings you’d like for the conference room, you’ll need to square the size of the tables and the number of people you need to accommodate with the square footage of the room. Clearly, you must also leave room for movement and enough empty space to not overwhelm the room with furniture.

The shape of a conference table is important in the room’s ability to accommodate the number of people required, but the shape should also parallel the business’s chain of command. For instance, if the business has one clear leader, a rectangle table allows this person to enjoy head status while round and square tables encourage team efforts and feelings of equity. 

Establish the ideal conference room with excellent furniture choices from Ethosource. View our constantly rotating inventory for yourself at one of our two showrooms in either King of Prussia or Reading, PA, or you can reach out via phone at (610) 982-1955 or through our online contact form.