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The Benefits of Adjustable Height Products

Adjustable Height Desks & TablesNo doubt your employees will spend a good deal of time at a workstation. Unfortunately, most ordinary spaces are stationary and, since the human body was made to move, sitting for extended periods of time can cause some fairly serious health issues.

The truth is that movement is required for reducing muscle fatigue, improving circulation, and maintaining spine health. The most recent research suggests that people should move at least five minutes every hour. So, let’s talk about the benefits of adjustable height desks:

  1. Alternating sitting and standing. This is critical if you want to keep your employees free from illness and their bodies healthy. The regular movement from sitting to standing can adjust the load put on the body because it increases rest intervals for alternating body parts. Ultimately, this reduces the adverse effects of being sedentary.
  2. Calorie burning. This may be shocking but, given the propensity for those of us in the US to be overweight, many obese, simply standing at work for just two hours will help your staff burn an additional 340 calories. And, merely standing in lieu of sitting all day allows the body to burn three times as many calories!
  3. Flexibility. Adjustable height desks allow you to adapt the workspace to suit a variety of people. This means you will be able to hire all shapes and sizes rather than having to adapt your workforce to fit your fixed desk configurations. And, the adjustable height allows your employees to create a working position that best suits their body and to achieve a neutral posture which is when their bodies are most efficient and strongest.
  4. Increased Productivity. When your employees can alternate between sitting and standing, they will reduce their risks of injury, be less fatigued, and have more energy. Because your employees will be far more comfortable in these situations you will notice that they are working more efficiently and effectively on the tasks that are assigned. Increased productivity is something every business can benefit from.
  5. Money Savings. When you are keeping your employees healthy and reducing their risk of injury, you will realize cost benefits. You will notice savings on workers’ compensation expenses and health insurance costs. Plus, you will see your employees taking fewer days off due to stress or physical concerns. This means more work accomplished and more money in your pocket!

When it comes to purchasing adjustable height desks and tables, Ethosource has a tremendous product offering that enables companies of all sizes to achieve a great-looking, healthy, office at a price that works for them. Give us a call at 888.807.3846 to explore your options, or contact us online.