With the growing environmental issues in the world today, many businesses are seeking sustainable solutions for their companies. Because of this, the USGBC’s LEED certification is becoming increasingly popular. This certification describes the level of sustainability associated with a building. There are four certification levels; certified, silver, gold, and platinum. Recently, Ethosource played a major role in a 900 workstation LEED Platinum project in Southeastern, Pennsylvania (see video below on the right). This newly constructed, four-story, 200,000 sq. ft. building is one of less than 125 buildings in the U.S. to have obtained a platinum level certification. Some of the sustainable features include: a sod roof with native vegetation, rainwater collection, energy efficient building systems, an open plan layout-perfect for daylighting, triple glazed glass walls, and geothermal wells. They also used recycled and locally sourced materials wherever possible. This same “green” approach was required for the purchase and installation of 900 employee workstations. With this in mind, Ethosource was a natural fit. Through a great deal of creativity, Ethosource was able to present a green solution which included the maximum reutilization of their existing cubicles, the supplementation of additional pre-owned components, the face-lift (applying new fabric) to the existing inventory, and the blending in of new product from the manufacturer. All of these steps were accomplished in a collaborative effort that met the customer’s design standards, budgetary goals, and LEED objectives.