Furniture Management Case Study

EthoSource recently completed this one million square foot Furniture Management Services project for a national defense contractor in Northern Virgina. The project provided turn-key solutions that included the following services;

Labor to remove 2,200 stations
in 4 different buildings, each with 6 floors
On-site trailer storage and
inventory management.
Detailed inventory service to separate good
as-is product from unusable product.
Design and space planning services for
the architect on record.
Labor to install over 1,500 reconfigured
Herman Miller Ethospace stations back
into the buildings after renovations
were complete. 
Off-site storage solution, complete with
racking for excess product.
Service program for station maintenance.
“On behalf of the Project Team, we thank your team for the hard work and dedication provided in support of Phase 1 of our project. Thanks to your contributions and support of the other team members, we were able to complete Phase 1 on schedule and achieve our requirements for occupancy. Phase 1 was unique due to an extremely accelerated schedule. Your team’s ability and willingness to adapt to challeneges and work cooperatively with the other team members was instrumental to the overall success. This dedication to achieving the goal is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continued success in Phases 2, 3 and 4.”
R. O.
Project Manager, Facilities