Many cubicle stereotypes leave people thinking of a drab and dreary office full of isolated, unhappy employees.  This may be true for some cubicle systems, but none of those adjectives accurately describe the look and functionality of Ethospace cubicles.  These frame and tile cubicle systems are EthoSource’s specialty, as we’ve become full experts of the refurbishing and remanufacturing of Ethospace for customers and offices of every kind.

EthoSpace Cubicles are already built and available now!EthoSource started back in 2001 as a sole provider of refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace. Our company name reflects our focus on the product, being your “source” for “Etho.”  Since then, we developed our Ethospace inventory to include an entire warehouse of cubicle parts that can help us create, maintain or upgrade all sizes and layouts of the workstations for our customers.

Our as-is pre-owned cubicles, which are already built and readily available in a short lead-time, are constantly changing as we bring in new stations from across the country.

This inventory is always being updated on our website, so you can know quantities and view images of the cubicles before inquiring further detail from our knowledgeable sales reps. If you find Ethospace you like, but had a different idea about colors and surfaces in your office space, we can refurbish the fabrics and finishes of the cubicle, customizing it to your specifications, no matter what your company taste or image may be.  The beauty of Ethospace is that it can easily be modified as the tiles effortless pop out of the system’s frame.  This allows us to re-fabric the tiles with patterns and colors that go with your office design.

The cubicles are also very accommodating of changes throughout their long lifespan.  Even once they’re installed and in your office, any additions or adjustments that your space needs, we can supply the parts and help you through the transition.  Whether you have employees coming or leaving or you simply find the need to add certain accessories to aid your daily duties, Ethospace is able to handle these changes easily.  EthoSource’s team of design professionals is happy to help you layout the cubicles you need from one employee to the next and determine the sizes and capabilities of any changes you need along the way.

Ethosource – Experts at Providing Ethospace Solutions for your Office:

Need Ethospace Cubicles in Philadelphia? We can help. Refurbished and used Ethospace cubicles by Herman Miller are our specialty.  And we have two locations near Philadelphia – the closest being in King of Prussia.

The possibility of tailoring your cubicle area to the particular needs of your employees involve a countless number of accessories that Ethospace has available.  If you need to get organized, we can provide overhead or under surface storage units or lateral files that maximize the use of your space.  We also have paper management tiles to help your filing needs and white boards for another way to manage your to-do list or display information to coworkers.  Other tile options include tackable tiles to hang pictures and papers or acoustic tiles that minimize noise and distractions.  Lastly, incorporate window tiles or open tiles to include natural light or co-working spaces.  The various high or low heights of the cubicle system can help achieve these different feels and work styles as well.

Even your worksurface can reflect your individual employee styles.  Your Ethospace can integrate U-shaped and L-shaped surfaces depending on the amount of surface top the user needs.  P-tops can accommodate guest chairs or bullpens can encompass two or more workers within a department.  No matter where in the country your business is located, EthoSource’s sales representatives can let you know all the Ethospace options we have available through checking our website or giving us a call.  With the help of our professional designers, we can figure out how our inventory and your office needs can build the office you want.

If you’re interested in Ethospace cubicles or any other cubicles from other top names like Haworth, Knoll, Steelcase and more, check out our website for our inventory or contact us for more information.