We know managing a workstation inventory or project can be a challenge. EthoSource is your premier source for Herman Miller Ethospace compatible parts. For Parts information, quotes or to place a parts order, contact: parts@ethosource.com

The EthoSource Parts Advantage

    • Quick turnaround on parts orders
      Don’t let your project be held up by missing parts. We can get you the parts you need, when you need them.
    • 100% compatible with original Herman Miller Ethospace
      Hang our components on existing frames, or hang existing components on our frames!
    • Standard matching finishes
      No need to to worry about matching. Get the Black Umber, Medium Tone, Metallic Silver, Inner Tone Light, Cool Grey Neutral and other standard finish product you need

*EthoSource is an independent dealer not affiliated with Herman Miller.  Our cubicle parts are manufactured independently and are not Herman Miller Ethospace products.

Our Parts Lineup

  • Connectors
    • 2-way Connectors
    • 3-way Connectors
    • 4-way Connectors
    • Draw Rods
  • Connector Covers
  • Metal Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • UM Keys & Cores
  • Tackable Tiles
  • Tile Adapters
  • Finished Ends
  • Top Caps
  • Base Covers
  • Tile Clips (Wood, Glass, Metal)
  • Knuckle w/ bobbin screw
  • Wall Strips
  • Cantilevers
  • Change of height clips
  • Change of height wedge blocks