Benching-Style Workstations Allow Great Views of Potomac

used-office-cubiclesFor one data analytics solutions business in Alexandria, Virginia, their company name is also a great way to describe their cool, waterfront office space.   With a name like Fishbowl and panoramic views of the beautiful Potomac River, it kinda fits the bill.  This office certainly took advantage of their surroundings when choosing their office furniture; while EthoSource took care of the rest, making sure that their design gave them the best abilities to incorporate natural light and an open feel to correspond with a fun, modern look.

Fishbowl’s office furniture project is currently in the middle of a two phase installation.  The first phase, which finished up just recently, involved 83 workstations, over the span of 4 days.  The next will begin in May, involving 33 more stations.  The company utilized our specialty to create their ideal work environment by choosing to customize Ethospace cubicles, taking advantage of the system’s versatility to design benching-style, low-height stations.

used-ethospace-cubicles“This project was a good showcase of how Ethospace can be used in a benching/open concept.  Most people think of Ethospace as a bulky and intensive furniture system, but we’re really able to make it look modern and contemporary,” says EthoSource Designer, Jenna Kurtz.  The workstations featured various configurations of shared worksurfaces separated by colorful screen dividers by Partsco and a spine with up-mount glass. Customized mobile pedestals also served as dividers while providing flexible storage solutions for each employee.    The panels displayed all new Mayer and Burch fabrics, while the surfaces were mounted on artistic Modsilver legs.

While Ethospace is great for achieving a minimalist look despite being a cubicle system, it also provides full functionality that other systems can’t, including exceptional cable management and various add-on’s to allow for privacy and focus.  In Fishbowl’s office, the layout achieves an open, collaborative feel, while maximizing each employee’s personal space through acoustical barriers that make a big difference to users seated within the station.

EthoSource is looking forward to the second phase of Fishbowl’s fresh and fun workspace installation.  If you’re looking for a unique, personalized office environment, contact us to see how we can help design your entire office space, from your lounge and lobby area to your conference rooms and private offices.  The possibilities are endless!

For more pictures of the Fishbowl offices, see the gallery below.