Questions To Ask About Your Office Furniture

Selecting the proper office furniture for your space is very important on a number of levels. You want to be sure your office furniture purchase is economical, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. So before you go off and start signing checks and furnishing your work environment there are a few things you should learn and ask yourself about your office furniture.

•Is the office furniture productivity enhancing? Proper configuration of your office furniture is key, therefore having office furniture that meets your needs of functionality and efficiency is vital. Having cubicles or workstations that tailor to your specific needs will improve productivity and efficiency. High walls will create privacy, low walls promote collaboration, glass tiles allow outside light and views for internal occupants. Layout of the office furniture is important to maximize the use of your space.

•Can your office furniture change with you as your needs change? Can you reconfigure easily? Does your office furniture allow you to increase height, add accent tiles, marker tiles, tackable tiles, or glass tiles without causing a major disruption or significant downtime?

•Does the furniture provide “value”? Is the office furniture long lasting, durable and solid? Can it be taken apart, relocated, and installed again without the worry of parts breaking or the product becoming disposable? Can the office furniture be easily refreshed with new fabrics in an affordable and convenient fashion in case you want to change your look several years down the road without investing in new furniture?

•What message does your office furniture send to visitors and employees? Creating an office environment that is welcoming and comfortable is important in boosting employee morale and impressing clients and visitors.

•How important is a good office chair? Selecting the right office chair for your body is imperative. Having the proper ergonomic features can help avoid back and neck injuries down the line and keep you energized all day long.

Think about these questions when you are ready to purchase office furniture to ensure you make an informed decision. Ethosource is a leading provider of office furniture solutions that help you save money, maximize efficiency and achieve the look you desire.

To learn more about furnishing your office space, contact an Ethosource representative today.