• Quality & Flexibility

    Our adjustable steel base provides a sturdy foundation for your workspace, and can range from 42” to 72” in width, while adjusting from 27” to 45” in height.

  • Topped Off With Options

    Choose from hundreds of wood or laminate finishes to customize your Standpoint desk and make it a perfect fit for your work environment.

  • Tech At Your Fingertips

    Three programmable memory buttons and two easy-access USB charging ports make Standpoint’s technology convenient and easily accessible.

  • Anti-Collision

    Our tables are equipped with a gyro anti-collision device, which reverses the direction of the table with a slight impact.

The Stand Up Pls app provides a smarter and easier way to adjust your Standpoint desk. Our app allows you to adjust the height of your desk from your mobile device, while providing valuable feedback and metrics.


  • Bluetooth synchronization
  • Memory function
  • Customized sit/stand cycle
  • Tracking/calculating of calories burned
  • Safety support – error alarm notices


Instruction Video

Stand Up Pls App

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