Need to find office furniture in Trenton, NJ? Look no further than Ethosource and our showrooms in Reading and King of Prussia, PA. We can help you create the perfect office environment by helping you balance the use of new and refurbished furniture that will meet your budgetary needs.

Ethosource is dedicated to our clients. We don’t just sell you the best furniture for your office, we offer additional services as well, consulting and partnering with you to provide expert space planning, design, project management and installation services. As your company grows, we will be there to help you with reconfigurations, upgrades, repairs, and even moving and liquidation assistance.

The Trends You’re Wondering About

Office Furniture Trenton, NJModern, fun offices that allow for collaboration and comfort-based creativity are here to stay, and Ethosource would like to be your one stop resource when you need to furnish your space. We can help you research, compare, and find the best deals without having to hassle traveling from one store to the next.

Keep these trends in mind as you search for the right office furniture:

  • Communal Work Desks– All kinds of businesses have recognized the value of collaborative spaces for exchanging ideas, sharing solutions, mentoring new employees, and discussing technical challenges. Communal work desks can be indispensable in offices small or large, whether you buy one desk that accommodates two people or several connecting tables that serve a large group.
  • Casual Designs– Relaxed office spaces that look a lot like living rooms are popular. Pillows, couches, and lounge chairs are encouraging employees to feel more at home. These designs promote creativity and help build workplace relationships. They are best utilized for casual meetings and get-away privacy areas.
  • “Smart” Furniture– Innovation has flooded the office furniture market, changing how employees interact with their work spaces. They include:
    1. Height-adjustable and sit-to-stand desks
    2. Ergonomic foot rests
    3. No-wires charging panels on desks and tables
    4. USB ports in walls, lamps, and desks
    5. Giant whiteboards on office walls to help employees work together
    6. Personal assistant touchscreens embedded in the tabletops
    7. Standing desk controllers that are Bluetooth-enabled and allow connections to mobile apps
  • Dedicated Private Spots- Happy employees are more productive employees! As office furniture designs become more collaborative, the need for distraction-free spots is growing. Consider adding couches where employees can comfortably work on their laptops or just take a much-needed break. Add height-adjustable meeting tables with sit-stand stools to keep them moving.
  • Incorporate Nature– Spending too much time in an office can be draining, so it’s a great idea to bring plants into the work place. Add organic life, like water features, shrubs, and plants that provide much needed energy to the environment. Some of the biggest companies we know are incorporating spaces that feel like they are outdoors and include real wood furniture elements.

Buying furniture for your office in Trenton, NJ is really as easy as contacting Ethosource. Our experts will help you pick the right furniture for your staff and your brand. Give us a call today at (888) 807 3846 to get started.