Adjustable Height DeskThe statistics and consquences behind sitting all day may vary from article, author or study, but the common truth behind it all is that sitting for long hours throughout the workday is bad for your health.  A sedentary lifestyle is harmful to your body and can be shaving time off your life in a number of ways.  The easier it is to communicate through technology, the less active and outgoing a lot of us have become.  Modern day conviences have made it easier to forget healthy habits throughout the workday, even as simple as getting up to move around.  Lucky for us, office furniture trends have come a long way to help us prevent the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.  One of the easiest ways to incorporate this type of furniture into your workplace is the adjustable height desk.

EthoSource has been providing companies with new, used and refurbished office furniture and management services since 2001.  Over the years, the workplace needs and styles have changed drastically as they continue to reflect the way we work.  Along the way, our inventory has changed with it, so that as new trends and styles emerge, our inventory incorporates these products and designs, so that our customers can create the modern owrkplace they need, within their budget. So now, with studies about the harmful effects of sitting becoming more and more of a focus for companies and employers, the furniture that has been helping change these statistics is all available at EthoSource.  Our team of experts can help you find and incorporate these new furniture trends into your existing layout, or start completely from scratch to build the work environment you need.

Modern Office Furniture PhiladelphiaAdjustable height desks are a great and simple way to incorporate healthy habits into your work routine.  One of the biggest reasons people are unhealthy at work is because of lack of time.  Not everyone has the opportunity to put their work aside and go for a walk in the middle of the day, let alone do some jumping jacks, lunges or hit the gym.  And even if you do, it isn’t enough to counteract the hours of sitting each day.  The solution truly lies in constant and frequent movements and activities that change the static nature of sitting; quite simply, just standing up will do the trick.  The adjustable height desk allows users to position themselves in a comfortable way to work, whether you’re sitting in a task chair, sitting in a stool, or standing. Not many of us have the desire to stand continuously for hours either, so these desks are perfect for giving you multiple alternative ways to work throughout the day.  The motion of going from a sit to stand position or vice versa is great for triggering blood flow that helps lower blood sugars, burn fat and keep your body active.  By constantly switching it up throughout the day, you are allowing your body to perform its necessary functions that keep you healthy.

Adjustable height desks are available in a variety of sizes, styles and designs.  Many have different ways of locking into their position and others have different ranges of various heights to accomodate every type of user.  Customize your worksurface finish and size, as well as frame colors to get the desk that matches your office style and fits in your space.  With such versatility, it’s the only desk your office needs.  Here are a couple of examples:

  • Compel HiLo – electric adjustment through dual monitors allow for smooth transitions. Great price point and simple design
  • Humanscale Float– Counterbalance mechanism for one-handed adjustment without a crank or electricity
  • KI Genesis– Options for spring-loaded pin for push adjustment, crank adjustment or electrical adjsutment for effortless control
  • Special T ValuLift– Electrical adjustment with Wilson Art worksurface finish and corner surfaces available
  • Symmetry Apollo III- Expanndable base and three different height stages, pre-set by user through programmable settings
  • Workrite Sierra HX– European engineering and design with unique shape, modesty and widest range of size configurations
  • Symmetry Tide Monitor Base– Attaches to normal worksurface, featuring locking height adjustment and simple installation through clamp.  Can also support two monitors.

The last option is another adjustable height solution to your office if you already have an existing desk or worksurface and are not looking to purchase another.  This monitor holder is easily attached to your worksurface by a clamp, so that your monitor screen and keyboard can be situated at various heights while your surface stays put.  This is another great option for any workspace.

EthoSource has a wide variety of inventory featuring the adjustable height desk along with many other cubicles, chairs, tables, filing, accessories and much more.  As a full service office furniture provider, we have an ever-changing inventory of pre-owned and refurbished office furniture, as well as a complete collection of new product.  If you have your mind set on a specific desk , not mentioned above or not in our current inventory, feel free to contact us with your interest and we will find you the furniture you’re looking for! Let us help you create the modern, healthy office of your dreams!