As you begin to plan the design of your workplace, you want to make sure that you have all the best options and and possibilities available at your fingertips to make the best decisions for you and your company. The modern office has a variety of components that enable unique companies to efficiently and productively get their work done each day.  As the office furniture experts, we know all the latest in office furniture designs and products that combine the best in ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality and more to create beautiful office environments that make employees love coming to work!  There’s a lot to consider as you get started, so for some modern office furniture ideas for your office, Ethosource is here to help.

One of the biggest assets of the modern office is flexibility.  Flexibility in the layout, in the furniture, in mobility and storage, etc.  The way to create a dynamic work environment stems from your office’s ability to accommodate the differing needs of each employee.  For this reason, refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace is our specialty here at Ethosource.  As one of the most versatile and flexible cubicle systems in the industry, it has successfully adapted over the years to incorporate the demands of the modern office and the changing needs of its users.  Structured with a frame and tile build, parts and accessories can easily be added, moved, reconfigured and taken away to create a unique workspace from one user to the next.  This includes high or low walls, multi-height walls, shelving, drawers, paper management, glass, doors and more.

Often, when people hear the word “cubicle,” they think old fashion and outdated, but in reality, the best part about a cubicle system like this, is the ability to accomplish the balance between the collaborative environment you may want with the privacy aspects that your employees need.  While one department may need a shared work area with impromptu meeting spaces for quick and efficient collaboration, the next can still have a private office set-up with higher walls and even doors to establish complete privacy.  These types of stations (and more) can be built together within a single space while keeping a uniformed look, despite being so very different. Below are some examples of the very different layouts these systems can create:

Modern Office Furniture Ideas
Office Cubicles NYC
Ethospace Cubicles

At Ethosource, our professional design team can help you customize these stations to incorporate your desired look and your company’s style.  Due to the fact that these workstation frames and parts that are the underlying structure of the system are all pre-owned, you can also enjoy tremendous cost savings, without sacrificing the look you want from your office.  Everything in which you choose to customize your stations is all brand new, from the tile fabrics and accent panels to the worksurface finishes.  These features are the only thing your employees and visitors actually see, while the recycled, durable steel frame is completely invisible.  Since the modern office loves environmentally friendly products and features, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone, while loving your new office.

In addition, Ethosource is a nationwide provider of high-end office furniture from top manufacturers that are leading the industry in modern designs and ergonomics, so that you know you’re getting the very best from your furniture, without paying the top-notch prices.  Through our pre-owned and refurbished inventories, you can save big on the latest office furniture styles to create the office you’ve envisioned within the budget you can afford.  Our team of knowledgeable account executives can help you explore our ever-changing inventory that fills over 200,000 square feet of combined warehouse space between our three company-wide locations.  Through mobile pedestals, flexible training tables, LED energy efficient task lights, and other  products that can help you create a flexible and mobile workplace.  Through our refurbishing process, you can tailor the chairs you want to match your office space through brand new fabrics and arms pads.

Our sales team can also help you explore our endless inventory of new product that extends from our lose partnerships with manufacturers across the country.  This helps us complete your order with everything you’re looking for, even if we don’t have it in our current selection.  Take a look at some examples of the new options available.

For all the help you need to get the wheels turning with modern office furniture ideas, Ethosource is the place to go.  From the initial brainstorming, to renderings and designs, to delivery and installation, we can turn your space into the workplace that you need.  Find all the latest trends and styles at Ethosource.  Contact us today!