Office Furniture West Chester, PA

Don’t worry about finding the perfect furniture for your West Chester, PA office. Ethosource can be your one-stop source for office furniture, layout, design, and installation. We can help you create the ideal environment while sticking to your budget. At Ethosource, we have a tremendous product offering of new and refurbished office furniture that enables … Read more

Work from Home

Make yourself at home. Offices that work where you live.  As the home office becomes a prominent feature in 2020, so does the need for feature-rich home offices that fit your budget and your style.  Our work-from-home bundles offer you features and quality you expect at the office with an aesthetic that’s perfect for your ... Read more

Clean and Safe: Other Visitors

Clean & Safe As the world around us changes, Ethosource is here to help our customers. If you have concerns about your existing or future office, we're here to talk you through it. Other Visitors We have been evaluating numerous furniture layouts, including our own, and are finding that new normal does not need to be ... Read more

Basecamp Private Offices

Basecamp Private Offices In addition to its endless benching implementations, Basecamp can be contoured into various desking options to create the most sophisticated and polished executive office environment. ImagesFeaturesResourcesContact UsImages Features Basecamp Private Office Features With extraordinary flexibility in layout and integration, the definition of private office is in your control with varying degrees of ... Read more

The Five Things I’m Most Thankful For

In honor of the upcoming, and arguably best, holiday, Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to list some of the things that I’m most thankful for. Not like family, health, blah blah, etc. No, those will have their day. Today, we’re talking office things… obviously. Dual Monitor Arms – If any of you are still living in the … Read more

Adjustable Height Desk

The statistics and consquences behind sitting all day may vary from article, author or study, but the common truth behind it all is that sitting for long hours throughout the workday is bad for your health.  A sedentary lifestyle is harmful to your body and can be shaving time off your life in a number … Read more

What Makes a Great Break Room?

The break room is becoming increasingly more important in an office, as work environments are now more relaxed, and impromptu meetings are very likely to happen in the break room. This is the space where employees can connect, collaborate, and celebrate in one spot – which means a lot can be happening here at any … Read more


VIEW BASECAMP    DOWNLOAD BROCHURE BASECAMP, our new benching system, combines a simple leg & beam design for easy installation and flexibility with a myriad of versatile components, allowing you to build, customize, and painlessly adjust your entire office – from benching and storage to private offices and conference rooms. “Simple and beautiful,” the concept … Read more

Happy National Ergonomics Month!

So what is National Ergonomics Month? In 2003, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) designated October as National Ergonomics Month (NEM). NEM has grown to become an opportunity for ergonomists, human factors and user experience professionals to promote our science, practice and value to corporate executives, students, and the general public by providing information … Read more

Posture Factors in to Ergonomics

Posture plays a big part of ergonomics in the workplace. Back and vision problems can result from poor posture throughout your workday. Your chair, your desk height, and even the position of your monitor can all affect your posture while you’re working. Both the eye height from your seated position and your distance from the … Read more